17 December 2024: Bhutan Celebrates Its 117th National Day

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National Day in Bhutan

17th of December is a joyous day for every Bhutanese. Every year Bhutanese people celebrate this day as Bhutan’s National Day. This year Bhutan is celebrating its 114th National Day. Natively this day is known as Gyalyong Duechen in Bhutan.

Bhutan celebrates this day to commemorate its first Druk Gyalpo (king) Ugyen Wangchuck’s coronation. This day is a significant day for every Bhutanese. This day is celebrated widely all across Bhutan. The people of Bhutan feel thankful for this day as the Wangchuck Dynasty has given their country blissfulness and prosperity.

History of National Day in Bhutan

The National day of Bhutan celebrates an event that happened a century before. In 1907 Bhutan got its first king Ugyen Wangchuck as its first king. On 17th December of that year, king Ugyen Wangchuck was crowned in united Bhutan. This event took place in the congregation hall of Punakha Dzong.

The hall was decorated so beautifully. It was like a festival in Bhutan. The hall was full of wall hangings, silk barcodes, and banners. There was a placement of three thrones for King Ugyen Wangchuck. 

This event was attended by the 50th Je Khenpo Jampal. Also, there was a British representative named John Claude White. There was a group of clergy along with state officials. That hall was filled with officials and spectators. The ceremony was mainly held for the establishment of a new monarchical system.

There was a reading of the oath of allegiance by the state clerk. Which was sealed by Zhabdrung’s Ngachudrukma along with 50 seals of people’s representatives from several parts of Bhutan. This ceremony was the formal announcement of the monarchical system and the establishment of the Wangchuck Dynasty.

Celebration of National Day

Bhutanese people spend this day rejoicing and hailing their first king. They love to celebrate this day with their beloved royal family. Thousands of people celebrate this day with His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen, Their Majesties the Queens Mothers, The Prince, and the members of the Royal Family in Thimpu.

The celebration takes place in the Changlimithang Stadium of Thimpu. There held parades towards the first king’s statue. The royal family joins the celebration at the stadium. People get their glance where the young prince is the most loved and appreciated. 

There is also takes place a flag hoisting ceremony. The Grande Parade is participated by Bhutan’s Army, Police, and Commandos. It consists of 2000 heads marching in Changlimithang Stadium. Bhutan’s royal helicopter service also displays the national flag. After all this, there happens to be a gorgeous cultural program.

17 December 2021: Bhutan Celebrates Its 114th National Day

King’s Message on The National Day

King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk delivers a speech on National Day every year. Which is mainly representing the country’s achievements and steps taken for prosperity. The speech also consists of honoring the first king Ugyen Wangchuck.

The king inspires every Bhutanese through his speech. He reminds the people of their primary responsibility towards the county. He excelled to be ready for 21st century Bhutan and share a road map for new Bhutan. He inspired people to be self-reliant as a nation.

He said “The world is going through some of the most rapid changes we have ever seen,” His Majesty said. “We cannot afford to be timid, avoid what we don’t yet understand, and hope for the best. Such an attitude will cost us our national objective of self-reliance.”

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Love my motherland, love her color, love her beauty, love her richness … I am proud of being its part. Proud of the Royals. Happy National Day 2024, Bhutan.

I am proud that I am a Bhutanese. I want to celebrate it. Be a responsible citizen who inherits and develops National culture and has noble faith, full of spirit, and morality. Happy National Day 2024.

Significance of National Day in Bhutan

Bhutan has been ruled by the Royals for a long time. During this time Bhutan has prospered. The people of Bhutan have become happier and are living peaceful life. That was possible because king Ugyen Wangchuck took over Bhutan’s responsibility.

By his hand, Bhutan has seen a new ray of sunshine. His work made Bhutan a prosperous country. This legacy is proudly continued by our now King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuk. Royals are the hero of our county. King Ugyen Wangchuck is our pride. That is why this celebration is important. It is vital to celebrate this day, celebrate the monarchical system of Bhutan.

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