Bangladesh Celebrates Its Victory Day in 2024

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Victory day in Bangladesh

Bangladesh got its victory over Pakistan on 16th December 1971, since then the nation has been celebrating this day as their Victory Day, locally known as ‘Bijoy Dibosh’. The nation fought against Pakistan for independence for 9 months. This war is called the ‘Bangladesh Liberation War’.

Bangladesh celebrates this day to honor its martyrs and rejoice in their freedom. Almost 3 million people were assassinated in this war by the Pakistani Military. At last, Pakistan surrendered to Bangladesh on the 16th of December 1971. As a result, one of the most brutal wars of the twentieth century stopped.

How Does Bangladesh’s Victory Day Celebration Tie in with International Labour Day?

Every year on May 1st, Bangladesh celebrates International Labour Day to honor the contributions of workers. This date also holds significance as it marks the victory of Bangladesh over Pakistan in 1971. The Victory Day celebration ties in with International Labour Day by recognizing the sacrifices made by the labor force during the liberation war.

History of Victory Day Of Bangladesh over Pakistan

The Liberation War of Bangladesh was started with the father of the nation ‘Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’’s declaration of independence on 26th March 1971. From then the general people of Bangladesh fought against the Pakistani Army. They formed a troop called ‘Mukti Bahini’ to fight against the Pakistani militants. 

‘Mukti Bahini’ participated in this war without any modernized weapons. Almost at the end of the war, Indian militants also joined Bangladesh Mukti Baheni to fight against the Pakistani Army. After all this Pakistan Army agreed to surrender on the 16th of December 1971.

Pakistani Army surrendered at Ramna Race Course, Dhaka on this day. Lieutenant Amir Abdullah Khan signed the ‘Pakistani Instrument of Surrender’ from the Pakistan Army. Also, there were present Indian military officers to witness this. 

On behalf of Bangladesh, there was present Commodore A. K. Khandker. After accepting the surrender the general people started cheering and giving anti-Pakistan slogans on Ramna Race Course that day. Bangladesh gained independence and freedom from Pakistan.

Bangladesh Celebrates Its 51st Victory Day in 2021

Celebration of Victory Day 

Bangladesh celebrates this day every year by giving tribute to its martyrs from the liberation war. The day starts by placing flowers in front of the national memorial at Savar, Dahaka. The Bangladesh Army held a military parade at the national stadium.

This parade is one of the largest yearly army parades in South Asia. The president of Bangladesh exchanges the guard of honor. Military from all sectors such as the air force, army, navy, etc participates in the parade. 

On this public holiday, the national flag hoists in government buildings. Streets and offices are decorated in national flags. Mass media prints special features for this day. Radio-television on-airs distinguish shows in honor of this day.

Political and social parties throw seminars, rallies, diabetes, and discussions. Students and teachers from schools also organize rallies on this day. Special prayers are held in religious places. Elite people throw cultural programs on this day.

Two Nationals Days of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the very few countries that celebrate two national days. Bangladesh has individual Independence Day. and Bangladesh also has an individual Victory Day. Bangladesh celebrates its Independence Day every year on 26th March and it celebrates its Victory Day on 16th December.

That is because Bangladesh wasn’t served with freedom. From their highest leader to normal people everyone had to fight for their freedom. After 9 months of a violent war, they gained freedom.

The leader ‘Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’ declared their independence on 26th March 1971, as the Pakistani government was being unfair to Bangladesh. Then Pakistan and Bangladesh were formally at war. Bangladesh defeated Pakistan after 9 months and on the 16th of December 1971, Pakistan surrendered officially. 

 This surrender wasn’t easy, it was an exchange of 3 million people’s sacrifices, and blood. To memorize all those people’s souls, to memorize the leaders’ sacrifices, Bangladesh celebrates its national days individually. They earned it, they fought for it.

Messages from Country Chiefs on Occurrence of The Victory Day

Every year the prime minister and the president of Bangladesh publish separate messages at the time of the celebration of Victory Day. 

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina in this affair said  “We have established the rule of law in the country and executed the verdict of the trial of the killers of the Father of the Nation and the trial of the war criminals. We have peacefully resolved the land boundary issue with India,

She further added “Disputes with India and Myanmar on maritime boundaries have also been resolved. Bangladesh’s contribution to the various international forums for establishing global peace has been lauded.”

Also, president Abdul Hamid said “Independence is the greatest achievement of the Bangali nation. But behind the victory, there was a long history of deprivation and bloodshed movement and supreme sacrifice of our people,”

Bangladesh Celebrates Its 51st Victory Day in 2021

Facebook Status/SMS for Victory Day of Bangladesh

To make your Victory Day more joyful and cheerful here is a collection of Victory Day Facebook status and SMS:

  1. 16th December is a red-letter day for the people of Bangladesh. A day that deserves to be celebrated. Happy Victory Day of Bangladesh
  2. The biggest fight for the people of a nation is the fight for independence. Salute to the brave army and people of Bangladesh.
  3. Every war has results that affect millions of people. The Victory day of Bangladesh is a wave of joy that affects every citizen equally.
  4. The victory day of Bangladesh is a symbol of the immense victory of good against evil! It was a celebration of right against wrong.
  5. Every fighter who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country will forever stay at the heart of the people. Happy Victory Day of Bangladesh
  6. Each of the freedom fighters had sleepless nights trying to drive out the intruders from the nation. On this day, we showcase our respect for them and give them tribute for their bravery. Happy Victory Day of Bangladesh
  7. The people of Bangladesh are forever indebted to the supreme sacrifice of every victim of the Liberation war in 1971. Rest in peace and thank you for everything, soldiers.
  8. Independence brought with it a wave of economic freedom and greater opportunity to grow in the country. Happy Victory Day of Bangladesh
  9. It is that day in the year when we take time to remember the real-life heroes who gave us the life we are living today. Happy Victory Day of Bangladesh
  10. The struggle for freedom was long and gory for the people of Bangladesh. However, the moment they achieved it, there was a sigh of relief in the entire country.
  11. Let us take a moment to thank each of the souls that have allowed us to live on our terms. Happy Victory Day of Bangladesh

How Are Victory Day and Independence Day Celebrated Differently in Bangladesh and India?

In Bangladesh, Victory Day is celebrated on December 16th to commemorate the victory over Pakistan in 1971, with parades, cultural programs, and a display of the national flag. In India, Independence Day is celebrated on August 15th with a flag-hoisting ceremony, patriotic speeches, and cultural events. This year, India celebrates 77th Independence Day.


The people of Bangladesh really fight hard for their country’s freedom. It wasn’t easy. And they paid a huge price of 3  million people’s lives for this. This Victory Day is for them. This freedom is the outcome of their sacrifice. They deserve this event of celebration.

Bangladeshi people proved that getting freedom from a powerful opponent is not impossible if you have a great leader and courage for this. May this spirit builds in everyone’s life. May everyone have the taste of freedom. 

‘Joy Bangla, Joy Bangobandhu’

‘ Victory to Bengal, Victory to Bangabandhu’ 

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