Bipartisan Split Over Biden's Alleged Wrongdoing

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Bipartisan Split Over Biden's Alleged Wrongdoing

In politics, some people are talking a lot about President Joe Biden. They say he might have helped his son in business. This makes some Americans argue with each other.

A new study shows that many people are starting to doubt if the Justice Department is being fair when looking into Hunter Biden.

Some folks worry that President Biden might have done something wrong. And, it seems like Republicans are more worried than Democrats.

The story about Biden keeps changing. Some people still argue about whether he did something wrong or not. We don’t have a clear answer yet.

Concerns About the Justice Department's Investigation

Concerns About the Justice Department’s Investigation

Many people are worried about the Justice Department looking into Joe Biden’s actions. They wonder if it’s fair and not taking sides.

Some Americans, especially Republicans, think it might be unfair because of politics. This makes some people not trust the Justice Department to do a fair job.

When people think that politics is involved, it makes it hard to trust the investigation. This means that the public might not believe what it finds. In a time when people don’t trust institutions a lot, this makes it even worse.

The Justice Department needs to listen to worries and make sure the investigation is really fair. This will help people believe in the justice system again.

Lack of Evidence Linking Biden to Wrongdoing

Even though people have looked really hard, they haven’t found any proof that Joe Biden did anything wrong with his son’s business.

The police and people who check for bad stuff haven’t said Joe Biden did anything with his son’s business. Even the people who don’t agree with Joe Biden haven’t found a lot of proof that he did something bad with his son’s business.

Some people think Biden knew about his son’s business, but the White House says he didn’t. People worry because there’s no proof for these claims. The White House changing what they say makes people doubt them even more.

Thus, despite concerns and speculation, the current evidence points to Biden’s innocence. And there is a lack of proof of any wrongdoing in relation to his son’s business dealings.

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Views on Biden’s Knowledge of His Son’s Business Dealings

Views on Biden's Knowledge of His Son's Business Dealings

Some people in America wonder if Joe Biden knows what his son is doing for his job. They’re not sure if he’s being honest and making good decisions.

The White House talks about it in a way that confuses some people. First, they say they don’t know, and then they say they know a little. This makes some people feel worried.

Independent voters are not fully convinced that Biden profited from his son’s business dealings. But believe he lied about knowing about them. This perception of Biden’s credibility has a significant impact on public trust.

People are not sure if Joe Biden did anything wrong with his son’s business. They are also looking into his son’s taxes, but they haven’t found proof that Joe did something bad.

Some people don’t trust the investigation by the Justice Department. And it makes them doubt Joe Biden’s honesty.

People are talking a lot about how President Biden knows about his son’s business stuff. This makes people think different things about the government and if they can trust it.

Confidence in the Fairness of the Investigation

People still don’t really trust the investigation about Hunter Biden. Some folks worry that it might not be fair. Republicans are more worried about Joe Biden than Democrats are.

Only 19% of Americans feel really sure that the Justice Department’s investigation is fair and not taking sides. This shows that people in the country have different opinions on political things.

Republicans, in particular, have little to no confidence in the investigation. Some people might not feel sure because they worry about how the leaders of the agency act, no matter who is in charge.

People in the Republican group seem to know more about investigations into Hunter Biden than those in the Democrat group.

Most people’s ideas about Hunter Biden’s investigation are mixed up with politics and not being sure if it’s fair or not.

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Awareness of the Investigations Into Hunter Biden

Many Americans have heard about the investigations into Hunter Biden. But it seems like Republicans know more than Democrats. Around 56% of Americans have heard something about these investigations.

This information has made Democrats think differently about whether Joe Biden knew about his son’s business. They tend to be more careful before blaming the president for his son’s business matters.

Some Americans believe that Joe Biden must have known about his son’s business activities. This is seen as a sign of a larger problem in Washington.

The White House has been changing what they say about what they know. Some people are worried about this.

But, the investigations about Hunter Biden don’t make Democrats worry a lot about Joe Biden.

Still, people who know more feel a bit better about the investigation being fair.


In conclusion, people are arguing a lot about President Biden and his son’s business. Some people don’t trust the investigation, and they say there isn’t enough proof that Biden did anything wrong. This makes people fight with each other.

People are talking about President Biden and his actions. Some people think he did something wrong, but others aren’t sure. It’s like a big puzzle with lots of different ideas.

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