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Boshonto Utshob- The Festival of love in Bengal

Boshonto Utshob – The Festival of love in Bengal

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Boshonto Utshob means Spring Festival. Where most the countries only have four seasons, Bangladesh has six. Boshonto or Spring is ...

Makar Sankranti- An All India Festival

Makar Sankranti – An All Indian Festival

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 Makar Sankranti is one of the most prevalent traditional carnivals in India. It is generally celebrated on the 14th of ...

Vaisakhi- The celebration of harvesting crops

Vaisakhi – The Celebration Of Harvesting Crops

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Vaisakhi or Baisakhi is the crop harvesting festival of Punjab and neighboring areas. Vaisakhi came from the word Vaisakh or ...

Joy Bangla Concert-Rocking with the spirit of 7th March

Bisu Mela – An Ethnic Carnival

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Bisu, more popularly known as Biju, is one of the main festivals of the Chakma tribal community in Bangladesh. It ...

Pahela Baishakh-The Day to Reborn

Pahela Baishakh – The Day to Reborn

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Pahela Baisakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. Both Bangladesh and parts of West Bengal festively celebrate the ...

Pongal- A momentous festival of South India

Pongal – A Momentous Festival Of South India

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Pongal is one version of the great Indian festival ‘Makar Sankranti.’ It is the biggest carnival in Tamil Nadu. Pongal ...

Nabanna- The festival of New Rice

Nabanna – The Festival of New Rice

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Bangladesh is a country with numerous festivals and carnivals. This saying is very popular, ‘Bangladesh celebrates 13 perforations in 12 ...

Hemis festival- The annual carnival of Ladakh

Hemis Festival – The Annual Carnival of Ladakh

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Hemis is the annual festival of Ladakh, Kashmir of India. It is a three-day-long festival dedicated to Guru Padma Samvab, ...

Mewar- The Rajasthani way of welcoming spring

Mewar Festival – The Rajasthani Way Of Welcoming Spring

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If India is a nation of diverse cultures, then Rajasthan is the state of fairs and festivals. The people of ...