Independence Day

14th August 2021: Celebrating Pakistan’s 75th Year of Independence

14th August 2024: Celebrating Pakistan’s 76th Year of Independence

Prianka Chanda

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan celebrates its platinum jubilee of Independence Day on 14th August 2024. 77 years is a ...

Celebrating Autonomy in maldivs

Maldives Independence Day 2024: Celebrating 59 Years of Autonomy

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The Maldives observes its Independence Day on the 26th of July. The Maldives celebrates this day to commemorate its gaining ...

Sri Lanka Celebrates Its 76th Years Of Independence Day In 2024

Sri Lanka Celebrates Its 76th Years of Independence Day in 2024

Prianka Chanda

The 4th of February is the Independence Day of Sri Lanka. Every year they celebrate it with joy and honor. ...

Independence Day 2021: India Celebrates Its Platinum Jubilee of Sovereignty

Independence Day 2024: India Celebrates Its 77th Year of Independence Day

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From 1947 to 2024, India has come a long way from being free from British rule. Yearly on the 15th ...

Independence Day in Bangladesh

Independence Day of Bangladesh 2024, Journey Of A Rising Nation

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Every year Bangladesh celebrates its independence day on the 26th of March. Independence day is a red-letter day in the ...