Pahela Baishakh-The Day to Reborn

Pahela Baishakh – The Day to Reborn

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Pahela Baisakh is the first day of the Bengali calendar. Both Bangladesh and parts of West Bengal festively celebrate the ...

21st February, A Day to Celebrate and to Mourn for Bangladesh

21st February, A Day to Celebrate And to Mourn for Bangladesh

Prianka Chanda

21st February, locally known as ‘Ekushey February’ in Bangladesh is ‘International Mother Language Day. It is also Language Martyrs Day ...

Navaratri – A Nine-day awe-inspiring festival dedicated to Goddess Durga

Raksha Bandhan – The Celebration of Sibling’s Love

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Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Bandhan is a famous festival among Indians. Even though this is a carnival of Hindusim, people ...

Ganesh Chaturthi is a remarkable festival of Hinduism.

Ganesh Chaturthi: A Remarkable Festival of Hinduism

Prianka Chanda

The upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi carnival will be observed on Friday, 31th August of 2022 (Gregorian calendar) year.  Ganesh Chaturthi is ...

The holy Ascension day of Jesus Christ

The Holy Ascension Day of Jesus Christ

Prianka Chanda

Each year the Ascension day is celebrated all over the world after the 39th day of Easter Sunday.  Ascension Day ...

Pongal- A momentous festival of South India

Pongal – A Momentous Festival Of South India

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Pongal is one version of the great Indian festival ‘Makar Sankranti.’ It is the biggest carnival in Tamil Nadu. Pongal ...

Nabanna- The festival of New Rice

Nabanna – The Festival of New Rice

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Bangladesh is a country with numerous festivals and carnivals. This saying is very popular, ‘Bangladesh celebrates 13 perforations in 12 ...

Hemis festival- The annual carnival of Ladakh

Hemis Festival – The Annual Carnival of Ladakh

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Hemis is the annual festival of Ladakh, Kashmir of India. It is a three-day-long festival dedicated to Guru Padma Samvab, ...

Kali puja is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment

Kali Puja: A Symbol Of Wisdom and Enlightenment

Prianka Chanda

The upcoming kali puja will be observed on Thursday, 31 October 2024.  Kali puja is an extraordinary religious carnival of ...