Jatiya Pitha Utsab-Where Foodies meet tradition

Jatiya Pitha Utsab – Where Foodies meet tradition

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The term ‘Pitha’ is an integral part of Bangladesh’s culture and tradition. It’s one kind of cake but not limited ...

Boshonto Utshob- The Festival of love in Bengal

Boshonto Utshob – The Festival of love in Bengal

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Boshonto Utshob means Spring Festival. Where most the countries only have four seasons, Bangladesh has six. Boshonto or Spring is ...

Victory day in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Celebrates Its Victory Day in 2024

Prianka Chanda

Bangladesh got its victory over Pakistan on 16th December 1971, since then the nation has been celebrating this day as ...

Dhaka International Trade Fair- A Month-long Business Extravaganza

Dhaka International Trade Fair – A Month-long Business Extravaganza

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Dhaka International Trade Fair is the biggest trade fair in Bangladesh. It was started as an idea to expand the ...

Independence Day in Bangladesh

Independence Day of Bangladesh 2024, Journey Of A Rising Nation

Prianka Chanda

Every year Bangladesh celebrates its independence day on the 26th of March. Independence day is a red-letter day in the ...

Traditional Nouka Baich - Against the Waves.

Traditional Nouka Baich – Against the Waves.

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Nouka Baich(Boat Race) is a traditional sports event in Bangladesh. This event preserves a great history compared to all other ...

Joy Bangla Concert-Rocking with the spirit of 7th March

Bisu Mela – An Ethnic Carnival

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Bisu, more popularly known as Biju, is one of the main festivals of the Chakma tribal community in Bangladesh. It ...

National Tree Fair: A Day with our true friends

National Tree Fair: A Day with our true friends

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A tree fair is a large demonstration of different kinds of trees. Trees are a fundamental part of human life. ...

Labour Day

Bangladesh Celebrates Global Rights of Labourers, International Labour Day 2024

Prianka Chanda

Every year the whole world celebrates the contribution and hard work of laborers on the 1st day of May. It ...

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