Celebrating Autonomy in maldivs

Maldives Independence Day 2024: Celebrating 59 Years of Autonomy

Prianka Chanda

The Maldives observes its Independence Day on the 26th of July. The Maldives celebrates this day to commemorate its gaining ...

Victory Day Of Maldives

Victory Day 2024: The Maldives Celebration of Patriotism

Prianka Chanda

The Maldives yearly celebrates its Victory Day on the 3rd of November. This day is to commemorate the failed coup ...

International Labour Day in Maldivs

International Labour Day 2024: Maldives A Decade of Appreciating Workers Right

Prianka Chanda

The Maldives celebrates International Labour Day on the 1st day of May annually. This day is an annual holiday for ...

Republic Day in Maldives

Republic Day 2024: The Maldives 57th Anniversary of Being A Republic Country

Prianka Chanda

Every year the Maldives celebrates its Republic Day on the 11th of November. This day is a national day for ...