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Global Cat Day

Celebrate Global Cat Day: Feline Fun and Facts to Purr About

Gule Jannat

Global Cat Day, which falls on October 16th, is a wonderful occasion for cat lovers to come together and show ...

Jatiya Pitha Utsab-Where Foodies meet tradition

Jatiya Pitha Utsab – Where Foodies meet tradition

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The term ‘Pitha’ is an integral part of Bangladesh’s culture and tradition. It’s one kind of cake but not limited ...

Ekushey Book Fair – Bringing people closer to knowledge

Ekushey Book Fair – Bringing People Closer to Knowledge

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Ekushey Book fair, mostly known as ‘Amar Ekushey Granthamela’ is the annual book fair in Bangladesh. Bangla Academy arranges it ...

Traditional Nouka Baich - Against the Waves.

Traditional Nouka Baich – Against the Waves.

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Nouka Baich(Boat Race) is a traditional sports event in Bangladesh. This event preserves a great history compared to all other ...

Amazing Hungry Ghost festival of Eastern Asia

Amazing Hungry Ghost Festival Of Eastern Asia

Prianka Chanda

The Hungry Ghost Festival will be observed on Friday, August 12 of 2022. Like all other festivals of the world, ...

Nabanna- The festival of New Rice

Nabanna – The Festival of New Rice

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Bangladesh is a country with numerous festivals and carnivals. This saying is very popular, ‘Bangladesh celebrates 13 perforations in 12 ...

Rokeya Day- Birthday of the Pioneer of Female Education in Bangladesh

Rokeya Day – Birthday of the Pioneer of Female Education in Bangladesh

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Rokeya Day is celebrated across the country on her birthday, 9th December. Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain was a prominent Bengali ...