Community Agreement

Section (A) – What is a Community Agreement? Why make Community Agreements?

A community agreement (also known as group contract) a collective responsibility to make the blog a safer place and give it’s users an opportunity to voice their needs in co-developing a trust and authoritative environment. In building community agreements as a user, we have the chance to foster shared accountability and inspiration in the process.

One must strictly maintain following agreements:

  • Respect—When interacting with another user on our platform, please respect them.
  • Openness—If one user has a different opinion about a topic, please be open about it and argue about the topic with respect and an open heart.
  • Right to pass—If you don’t know anything about a topic, please pass the benefit of the doubt to the other user rather than arguing or making a fuss about it.
  • Nonjudgmental approach—If a user has a different view or approach about something, please be respectful and don’t judge them for being different.
  • Taking care to claim our opinions—We will speak our opinions using the first person and avoid using ‘you’. For example, “I think that kindness is important”, instead of “You are just mean”.
  • Sensitivity to diversity—We will remember that people in the user group on our platform may differ in cultural background, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity or gender expression and will be careful about making insensitive or careless remarks.
  • Anonymity—It is okay to ask any question by using the request form.
  • Acceptance—It is okay to feel uncomfortable; people feel uncomfortable when they talk about sensitive and personal topics, such as sexuality.
  • Have a good time—It is okay to have a good time. Creating a safe space is about coming together as a community, being mutually supportive, and enjoying each other’s qualities.

Section (B) As a community user/reader on our platform you also agree to the following points:

  • Any information you use from our website is verified by our writers/editor team, if you still find any mismatch, you can submit a complain here –
  • You will use our given information on our platform ( at your own risk, we are not accountable or we shouldn’t be held accountable for any problem.
  • Before you get angry about anything or write bad about us in Social Media, please contact us. We will help you solve any problem.

By using our platform (, you agree to follow above community agreements mentioned in the Section (A) and Section (B).