Durga Puja Is a Reflection of Indian Culture – Get Wishes and Quotes 2024

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Durga Puja is a reflection of Indian culture

The upcoming Durga Puja festival will be observed from October 1st, 2022. And the festival’s conclusion ceremony will be on 5th October of 2022. 

Durga Puja is the biggest religious and cultural practice of Hinduism. In fact, this religious event has been considered the most enormous festival on the Indian subcontinent. You have some rough ideas about this Holy event. This article will deliver you tons of necessary knowledge and ideas about Durga Puja. 

Are Navaratri Wishes and Quotes Similar to Durga Puja?

Navaratri wishes and quotes resonate with the splendor of an aweinspiring festival dedicated to the divine feminine force. While Durga Puja specifically honors Goddess Durga’s triumph, both festivals share the core essence of reverence, vibrant energy, and sacred chants, uplifting spirits alike.

Is Durga Puja also associated with wealth and prosperity in Indian culture?

Yes, Durga Puja is closely associated with wealth and prosperity in Indian culture. Alongside the worship of Goddess Durga, the festival also includes the celebration of Lakshmi Puja, a traditional ritual dedicated to the goddess of wealth. People believe that seeking the blessings of both goddesses during this auspicious occasion brings fortune and abundance in their lives.

History and Background of Durga puja

You can say that the Durga puja festival is the most ancient practice in the Indian subcontinent. Historians suggest that the Durga practice is at least thousands of years old traditional custom of this region. 

It was found that since the beginning of the 16th-century, ‘Dashain’ a spiritual-cultural event was there in Nepal. Some historians believe that the Holy Durga puja is a reformulation of the Dashain festival. 

You will be astonished to hear that Durga Puja’s name was mentioned in the manuscripts during the period of the 14th century. The manuscript has provided guidelines for Durga Puja. The importance of this festival has also been discussed in this holy Scripture. 

But if you search beyond the history of the 14th century, in the 11th-12th  century there were some descriptions of Goddess fighting in the holy scripture of Samaveda. Such descriptions are very similar to Durga puja.

Durga Puja is a reflection of Indian culture

Durga Puja 2022 Wishes and Quotes

  • “It is the faith in Maa that brings eternal happiness and success in life…. Surrender yourself to her to experience the magic of her blessings…. Happy Durga Puja!!”

  • “Mata loves and protects her devotees from every problem and showers them with her blessings… Wishing you a very Happy Durga Puja!!”

  • “Durga Puja is the time to get busy in the festivities and create beautiful memories with our loved ones… Best wishes to you on Durga Puja for a wonderful year!!!”

  • “Jai Durga Maa!!! May you empower us with the strength to fight the evil in us and become a better people…. Happy Durga Puja to all.”

  • “Durga Puja is a reminder that we must always stand for the right and that is the best way to celebrate this auspicious day….. Best wishes on Durga Puja.”

  • “Sending my best wishes on Durga Puja to the most wonderful family and seeking blessings of Mata for your prosperous and successful future…. Wishing Happy Durga Puja to you.”

What is Durga puja? 

Devi Durga is a symbol of women’s leadership. This Holy carnival is a reminder of Goddess Durga’s fight and victory against the evil or dark spirit of Asura and Mahishasura. 

The Durga puja also reflects the motherly power of Devi behind the creation of life. During the event of ‘Navaratri’ and ‘Dussehra’ Durga puja, a big celebration party goes on. This celebration is for the success of Rama against Ravana. Ravana is an evil spirit, who was beaten by the good spirit of Rama. 

Primary proceedings of Durga puja 

You know what! The holy Durga Puja is a ten-day-long religious festival. The last five days are considered the most important. During these five days, the ritual practices take place. 

The first day begins with offering food and water to dead ancestors. This Holy event is well known as Mahalaya

Then the sixth number day is considered the crucial one. On this occasion, devotees pay greetings to the Goddess. This very important day is known as sushi

Then  Devi Durga returns home with her children well known as Ganesha, Kartikeya, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Goddess Durga along with her children stays in her home for three days. These three days are well known as Saptami, Ashtami, and Navami. She stays in her during the days of the seventh, eighth, and ninth. 

Especially in those days, people mumble various religious shlokas and mantras. And the last day is known as Dashami. Which is the day of sacrifice. On this day followers sacrifice the monument of Goddess Durga into water. 

Some major events and ritual practices of the Durga puja 

This puja is a ten days long-lasting festival. Many special events take place during this extraordinary festival. 

  • Bondhona: In this event, Goddess welcomed as a guest. This is the sixth day of this festival. 
  • Navapatrika snan: Bathing with the Holy water is known as Navapatrika snan. This ritual is done on the seventh day. 
  • Kumari Puja: An especially designed event for all unmarried women. This occasion takes place on the ninth day. 
  • Sindoor Khela: This occasion is a part of the last day. Women smear long indoors to honor Durga in this special period. 
  • Dhunuchi naach: This is a specially designed dance. A married woman performs a dance in a special outfit. 

Lessons from the Durga puja

Durga puja is a festival where different religious believers also take part in it. That’s why the Durga puja is known as ‘Durga Utshava’. Here are some important lessons from Durga puja. 

  • Goddess Durga is the safeguard of humans. 
  • Women have supernatural powers.
  • A good spirit always has the upper hand over a bad spirit. 
  • Religion may be different but the festival is for all. 
  • By Sacrificing favorite things, our mental satisfaction increases. 
  • Mother is the creation of everything. 

Regional aspirations on Durga puja: 

Depending on the region, there are some differences in the festival of Durga puja. Nepal and Assam regions have a traditional practice. Which is the sacrifice of animals. 

It’s a symbolic sacrifice where animals are sacrificed instead of real life. The sacrificing ceremony is a specially designed one that takes place in the temple. 

In the Rajasthan area, Rajputs sacrifice goats as a regional practice. 

In the Bengal region, the Durga puja practice is a combination of Vedic, puranic, and tantric rituals. 

Kolkata area’s puja celebration is more enthusiastic than any other region. People here sacrifice Buffalo in the temple. And sacrifices the monument of Devi Durga with actual gold-made jewelry. 

In Odisha, Bangladesh, Balasore, Maharashtra the Durga puja is the biggest carnival for Hinduism. 

Durga Puja is a reflection of Indian culture

Significance of Durga puja

‘Durga Uthshav’ is a commonly participated event for Hindus and non-Hindus. Nowadays Durga is not considered only a religious event. But Durga Puja has social and political significance also. In various movies and cinemas, the Durgas monument has been used as a symbol of women’s empowerment. Durga puja has been considered one of the biggest cultural events of the Indian subcontinent. 

Political leaders in West Bengal know the value of this festival. By investing in this festival politicians come closer to mass people. 

You will be amazed to hear that the Durga puja has been nominated as the UNESCO declared an intangible cultural festival of humanity. 

Environmental issue

Sacrificing the monument of puja in the river water completes the event. But it has become a serious problem for the environment. 

Some environmental organizations have raised their voice against the throwing of heavy metals and colorful paintings in the water. 

As a consequence of that, the monument is now made with non-damageable materials. And sacrificing the monument in the river has been declared prohibited by law to save the environment. 

Through several times and periods of change, the Durga puja event is more than just a religious practice. If we take all the lessons of Goddess Durga, our world will be more beautiful. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Goodbye, and don’t forget to check out our next post. 

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