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Holi is the festival of colours and happiness.

Let me remind you about the upcoming date of the Holi carnival.  The festival will take place on March 8 of the 2023 English calendar year. 

Here in this specially designed article, we will be focusing on an extraordinary festival of Hinduism. Yes, your suspension is absolutely right. This article is all about the Holi festival. 

Throughout this article, we are going to learn about the significance, history,  and all the necessary information about the Holi carnival. 

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On 21st February in Bangladesh, SMS wishes can be used to express solidarity and honor the Language Movement martyrs. People exchange heartfelt messages to commemorate the sacrifices made on this day to celebrate and mourn. SMS wishes also help convey support and appreciation for Bangladesh’s language and culture.

What does it mean by the Holi festival?

The outstanding Holi festival can be defined in many ways.

It’s an extraordinary religious carnival. Through many changes and lapses of time, Now Holi has been considered more than a religious carnival. You can say that the Holi festival established itself as the biggest cultural festival in the Indian subcontinent. 

This festival is generally known as the welcoming practice of the spring season. During the springtime, farmers sell their harvests. At this time of year, Indian subcontinent village families make various types of pitha, payes, and some delicious food items from their farmed crops. In the Bengal region, this occasion is known as the ‘Nobanno’ festival. 

So, you can say, the Holi festival is a celebration of the new year. 

According to the religious points of view, Holi is the celebration of the victory of the good spirit over the evil spirit. 

Many people consider Holi as the festival of color and new hope. So, we can define the Holi festival from the religious, cultural, and spiritual points of view. 

Holi is the festival of colours and happiness.

History and background of Holi Carnival 

Holi carnival’s history has two different windows of the specification. We generally specify the history of Holi in two parts. One ancient time and modern times. 

From the very beginning of Hinduism practice, the existence of the Holi carnival has been found. Many ancient and religious Scripture has provided many lines related to the Holi festival. 

During the period of King Chandragupta second, some proved the Holi festival has been founded. It was in the 4th century the great poet Kalidas mentioned Holi Carnival’s name in his writing. Holy Scriptures like Puranas and Dasakumara Charita are the best evidence of the Holi carnival. 

Then in the 7th century, the Holi festival came into front through the drama named Ratnavali. 

Then in the 17th century, British and European traders also recognized the Holi festival. As a consequence of that, the Holi celebration can be seen in some European countries. 

In modern times, Holi evolved itself as a universal cultural practice. Where Holi is celebrated by different religious believers. 

Holi Quotes and SMS Wishes

  • Holi is a great equalizer, everyone is colored with the same hue

  • United colors of HoliFestivals add color to life and Holi is the festival of festivals

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  • What is life without a little bit of color? Happy Holi

  • Embrace the COLOURS of Holi, embrace happiness

  • Celebrate the colors of friendship, celebrate the colors of Holi

  • Express yourself with colors, Happy Holi

  • Your life is your canvas, fill it with the colors of life, fill it with the colors of Holi

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Holi of Mathura-Vrindavan

Different states welcome Holi in different ways. In some places, the tradition of celebrating Holi attracts people in the country and abroad as well. The people of Mathura-Vrindavan celebrate Holi for 16 consecutive days. This Mathura-Vrindavan is considered the symbol of Radha-Krishna’s love.

Krishna used to ask his mother Yashoda why his skin is black, and Radha’s skin is white. Once mother Yashoda colored Radha’s face. Since then, the general public has been observing this carnival with colors.

Holi in Haryana

People of Hariyana celebrate Holi as Dhulandi. This festival is considered a festival to celebrate the sweet relationship between Vavi and Devar (brother-in-law and sister-in-law). The brothers-in-law try to throw color on their sisters-in-law during the festival. And the sisters-in-law beat their brothers-in-law every time they try to do so. This lovely revenge of the sisters-in-law gives Holi the name of ‘ Dhulandi Holi ‘ in this area.

Holi in Maharashtra and Gujarat

In Maharashtra and Gujarat, the tradition of breaking Matka in Holi is very prevalent. Men break butter-filled jars, which women bind at a high place. Playing with colors after breaking the Matka reminds the childhood of Krishna. When men make pyramids to bust these jars, women sing Holi songs and throw colors on them using buckets. This festival of fun is seen in full swing.

Holi in Bengal

In West Bengal and Bangladesh, Holi is very well-known in the form of ‘ Dol Purnima’ or Doljatra. This day’s importance also increases because this day is considered the birthday of the famous Vaishnava Saint Mahaprabhu Chaitanya.

On the occasion of Dol Purnima, Devotees arrange a procession with God’s ornate statue and worship Hari with full enthusiasm. Holi is distinguished as ‘ Basant Utsab ‘ or spring festival at Shanti Niketan established by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

Holi in Punjab

Holi is also of great importance to Sikh religious leaders and devotees. Sikh religious leaders see this festival as a festival of physical and military strength. On the next day of Holi, ‘ Hola Mohalla ‘ is held at Anantapur Sahib. It is thought that this practice was implemented by the last Sikh guru, Guru Govind Singh Ji.

Holi in Manipur

Every corner of Manipur becomes colorful on the occasion of Holi. In Manipur, the festival of colors is celebrated for six days. At the same time, the traditional dance ‘ Thabal Chongba ‘ is also held at this festival. In this way, this festival of Holi keeps the entire country in the colors of love and harmony.

Significance of Holi festival 

From ancient to modern times Holi celebration and its integrity is increasing at a rapid rate. From various aspects, the Holi festival’s significance can be described. Holi festival not only has a Mythological value but also has some social, cultural, and psychological values too. 

  • The religious significance of Holi

Mainly Holi was a religious practice of Hinduism. Many historians believe that the deity Radha and deity Krishna meet together on a special place and a special day. The special day or period is celebrated as Holi by Hindu followers to honor them. As a consequence of this, many followers describe Holi as an occasion of love. 

Secondary religious belief about holi is that it is the victory day of the good spirit over the evil spirit. On this very occasion, Lord Vishnu beat Hiranyakashipu to save his devotee Prahlada. Hiranyakashipu was an evil king of the kingdom of Asuras. He tried to kidnap the devotee but Lord Vishnu fought against the evil spirit and was able to save the devotee. So, many Hindu followers celebrate this day as the victory of good spirit. 

  • The cultural value of the Holi festival 

In modern times the Holi festival reflects Indian cultural aspirations to the whole world. People all over the world celebrate the Holi festival as a Carnival of joy and happiness. You will be astonished to know that the Holi festival is getting more and more attention from the non-Hindus. It has become a tremendous cultural event to enrich brotherhood. And the colorful way of Holi celebration made it more popular with other believers. 

In fact, the nature of the Holi celebration is so much attractive. Rag day functions, marriage ceremonies, birthday celebrations, victory ceremonies, etc have been celebrated as Holi fiesta.  

  • The psychological value of Holi 

Gay, lesbian, and homosexual people always consider themselves part of colorful species. As we all know Holi is the biggest colorful celebration around the world. So, the psychological impact of Holi is indescribable. Holi gives us satisfaction by expressing our hidden desires. 

The procedure of observing the Holi puja

Holi puja is well known as Holika Dahan puja. This ritual practice takes place before the day of the actual Holi celebration. In this process, Hinduism followers light bonfires as a ritual customary practice. This function reminds the superiority of the good spirit over the evil spirit. This puja is a symbol of a new beginning. Holi also reflects the brightness of true spirit.

After this puja on the very next day, people used to play with colors. A colorful party takes place where numerous colors have been thrown on every single person. According to ancient Indian tradition, color throwing play is for welcoming the spring season. Holi is the beginning of the new harvesting season. 

Important Lessons from the Holy festival

Holy comes to us each and every year with great lessons. If we are able to apply all the lessons in our life from the Holi festival, it will increase brotherhood and happiness among us. Here are some top lessons at the festival. 

  • Holi festival carries an enormous amount of love and support. If you think about Lord Krishna and Radha’s true love and affection, our relationship will be stronger. Holi carnival reminds me that love knows no barrier or rules. 
  • It carries a message of the good spirit’s superiority over the bad one. The good soul is always helpful to humans. 
  • Colorful ways of learning and leading life. 
  • Sharing happiness and love boosts our own. 
  • A new year and a new time come with new aspirations. 
  • A new beginning is always a bright full thing. 
  • Religious practice can be found as supporting cultural and brotherhood aspirations. 
  • Holi is a symbol of the common community of the world. 
  • Holi teaches us to express all the hidden true desires. 
  • You know what! Many people consider Holi as a yellow festival also. 

Holi is the festival of colours and happiness.

Regional practices of the Holi festival

Holi is one of the few functions that has gotten the attention of the whole world. Another beautiful thing about Holi is the non-barriers of religion. In fact, all religious followers participate in the Holi fiesta. 

For almost hundreds of years, the Holi festival has been a cultural festival in many European countries. 

Some West Indians Island has a great value of holi fiesta. Gianna, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and Jamaica islands, are practicing the Holi festival for many years. 

Some subcontinental and South Asian countries obsessive Holi with great aspirations. Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Singapore, and Indonesia are those countries. But keep in mind that India observes the biggest Holi festival in the whole world. 

Australia, New Zealand, and some regions of the United States are constantly celebrating this festival of life. 

In the modern period, people celebrate the Holi festival with great hope, significant integrity, and tremendous aspirations. This event is now a universal cultural festival. 

Apart from its a cultural value we also need to remember all other values of the Holi festival. We need to learn all the good lessons of the Holi festival and make our life happy, festive, and pleasant. 

In our next article, we will be coming back with another great religious festival. Till then, Have a good day! 

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