Independence Day of Bangladesh 2024, Journey Of A Rising Nation

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Independence Day in Bangladesh

Every year Bangladesh celebrates its independence day on the 26th of March. Independence day is a red-letter day in the history of this country. In 2024 Bangladesh is all set to celebrate its independence day at the golden jubilee of the nation.

On 26th March 1971, the country’s highest leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the independence of their country that Bangladesh is a sovereign country and they are no longer part of Pakistan.

How Does Bangladesh’s Independence Day and Victory Day Reflect the Country’s Rising Status?

Bangladesh’s independence day and victory day celebration 2024 reflect the country’s rising status as a nation that has overcome obstacles to achieve independence and sovereignty. These national holidays symbolize the strength, resilience, and determination of the Bangladeshi people, showcasing their pride and unity as a progressive and independent nation.

History of Independence Day

After the partition of British India, Pakistan rose as a free state with its two wings East Pakistan and West Pakistan. All administrative work of the government used to be held in the West Pakistan region. As every official step was taken by West Pakistan’s rulers, they were dominating and suppressing East Pakistan. 

In 1970 the general election of Pakistan was held below the military government. In this election Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s political party the Awami League won the election with a majority, West Pakistan’s major leaders refused to give power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman the leader of the Awami League also conspires with him in the Agartala case. 

There were a whole bunch of negotiations but West Pakistan never gave power to him. It was almost visible that West Pakistan would never give power to East Pakistan. After all this, the people of East Pakistan started sowing seeds of independence in themselves. 

West Pakistan’s leaders were aware of the situation in East Pakistan. After several dissimulations on the late night of 25th March, West Pakistan sends away the Pakistani army in East Pakistan for street killing and operates the operation in the name of ‘Operation Searchlight’. 

This behavior of West Pakistan was an official act to not let Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in power. Then on the dawn of the 26th of March, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence. Which caused a 9 month-long liberation War.

Independence day of Bangladesh 2022, Golden Jubilee of a Rising Nation

Celebration of Independence Day

This day memorializes the declaration of independence. Natively they call this day ‘ Shadhinota Dibosh’. It is a national holiday. The government of Bangladesh starts the celebration at dawn with 31 gun salutes. Then it is followed by parades at national and native stadiums.

 President delivers a speech in the national stadium on independence day. From officials to general people, people from every area pay tributes to the martyrs who gave their life away in the shake of the country’s independence in the National Martyrs’ Memorial known as Jatiyo Smriti Soudha.

As it is a public holiday, people enthusiastically wait for this day. There are fairs, concerts, ceremonies, etc. Capital city Dhaka puts on a festive look. Broadcasting media broadcast special programs. You can hear patriotic songs everywhere you go on this day. 

Every place is decorated with national flags. Often charities are held on this day to give to poor people. Political parties distribute free food to people. Cultural organizations often offer a special prayer for the martyrs. Novel people mostly attend cultural programs and theater on this day.

Apart from mourning martyrs, it is a joyful event in the history of the country. So various kinds of sports are held on this day. Such as cricket, football, volleyball, Kabadi, boat race, etc. Mostly all this game takes place natively in the district or union. People enjoy them so much.

2024, The Golden Jubilee of Independence

Bangladesh is all set to celebrate its golden jubilee of independence. It would be its 53 years as a nation. Bangladesh would celebrate this golden jubilee with its neighbor country India. 

As they have a historical relationship among themselves and they also bond in this affair of the Bangladesh Liberation War. The Foreign Ministry of Bangladesh has confirmed celebrating the 53rd year of independence with their friend India. 

At the beginning of the year 2024, Bangladesh would celebrate its 53 years of independence day. So the independence day of 2024 would be a grand celebration.  

The Declaration of Independence was the initial footstep to making this country what it is right now. Without declaring independence, Bangladesh could never gain victory. This is why independence day is essential for the nation. To celebrate the right decision made by their supreme leader

Relation of Independence Day with Victory Day

It can be seen that Bangladesh celebrates two national days a year. One is on 26th March and another one is on 16th December. They call 26th March their Independence day and 16th of December their Victory day. 

The reason is that Bangladesh didn’t get its independence overnight. West Pakistani leaders were too stubborn to give power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. So in a crucial moment, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had to declare their independence and the people of West Pakistan had to fight for 9 months to gain it. 

So when Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence, on that day of every year they celebrate it as their independence day. As well as when they gain victory against West Pakistan, on that day of every year they celebrate it as their Victory day.

Messages from the Highest Leader of Bangladesh

The President of Bangladesh issued a message about observing the independence day in 2024. He said, “The golden jubilee of our independence will be observed in 2024 with great enthusiasm. Bangladesh will enter a new chapter – a new horizon. With the concerted efforts of all, let our beloved motherland be a poverty-free developed one; it is my expectation on Independence Day.” 

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina also published a message, “Let us unite in the spirit of the great War of Liberation and maintain the continuation of development and democracy by facing any sort of conspiracy. Let us transform Bangladesh into a safe and peaceful home for the next generation. This should be our firm commitment on Independence Day”, She said.

Independence day of Bangladesh 2022, Golden Jubilee of a Rising Nation

Independence Day Wishes for Facebook Status/SMS

People really look forward to celebrating independence day with their family, friends, and loved ones. They prefer sending wishes through a Facebook status or with an SMS. Here are some collections of Facebook Status/SMS below.

  1. “I am proud to be a Bangladeshi,

    Whereat least I know I am free

     And won’t forget the men who died,

    Who gave that right to me

     Protect our country, people

     Stand up against the haters of Bangladesh!

     Proud as I ever could be a Bangladeshi!!

     Happy Independence day… Long live Bangladesh..”

  1. “We should take the pledge that

     Till our last breath, we will fight terrorism,

     We will protect our country with all we have.

     Happy Independence Day 2024!”

  1. “This is the day our nation sings

    This is the day when the world is together

    To celebrate this glorious day

    This is the Day

     We salute our National Flag!

      Happy Independence day.”

  1. “Liberty is the breath of life to nations,

     Wish you a very Happy Independence day Bangladesh 2024!”

  1. “Freedom was taken by the blood that was given.

    Happy Independence day to all of my Bangladeshi friends!”

  1. “Freedom in the mind

     Faith in the words

     Pride in our souls

     Let’s salute the nation… Our Independence day..”

  1. “Others might have forgotten

     But never can I

     The flag of my Bangladesh

     Furls very high

     Happy Liberty day!”

  1. “Take a stand against evil, corruption, and terrorism

     For we belong to Bangladesh, a nation of pride

     And we will thus say-

    Muslim-Hindu-Christian-Buddhist… We all are similar!

    Happy sovereignty day of Bangladesh 2024.”   

  1. “Thousands laid down their lives so,

    That our country is breathing this day

    Never forget their sacrifice…

    Wishes for Independence day.”

  1. “ Without moral and intellectual independence,

       There is no anchor for national Independence.”

  1. “Loved Bangladeshis

      Let us celebrate and the enjoy freedom to live

     Independently our country cheerfully

    Helpfully, hopefully, peacefully by remembering

    Our national heroes who gave us freedom after suffering

    pain and humiliation. 

    Greetings for Independence day of Bangladesh.”

  1. “Freedom has its life in the hearts the action,

      The spirit of the man and so it must be

      daily earned and refreshed

      Else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots

       it will be wither and “

  1. “Let’s value our freedom by not forgetting

      The sacrifices of the martyrs.

      It’s time for us to unite and fight corruption

     And bringing in reforms by starting a revolution!

     Let us pray and fight to make every subsequent 26 March

     A Happy Independence Day 2024!”

  1. “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.


  1. “Some Like Sunday,

      Some like Monday,

      But I like One Day

      And that is Independence Day..”

  1. “Independence is the most precious gift of nature and our birthright.

      May we always remain independent.

      Happy Independence Day, Bangladesh.”

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