Labour Day 2024: Pakistan Observes Youm-e-Mazdoor by Honoring Its Laborers

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Labour Day

Along with the whole world, Pakistan celebrates International Labour Day on the first day of May every year. This Day is natively known as Youm-e-Mazdoor. Where ‘Youm’ means Day and ‘Mazdoor’ means Laborer in Urdu.

Pakistan pays homage to its workers in the country on this day. This country has almost 52 million laborers. Which makes Pakistan one of the vastest countries in the world with big manpower. 

How Does Pakistan’s Youm-e-Mazdoor Differ from India’s Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas?

On Labour Day celebration India, Pakistan’s Youm-e-Mazdoor and India’s Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas both honor the contributions of workers, but they differ in their approach. Pakistan’s Youm-e-Mazdoor focuses on recognition and appreciation, while India’s Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas emphasizes the ongoing struggle for workers’ rights and fair treatment.

History of Labour Day/Youm-e-Mazdoor

The tradition of Labour Day started in 1889 when the International organization declared May first to be International Labour Day. This day was chosen because of the Haymarket affair. Which took place in 1886 in Chicago, United States.

1886 was the time when industrial owners were too cruel to their workers. They used to make their workers work for 16 to 18 hours a day in a risky work environment. Also, used to pay a wrongful payment.

The workers demand 8 hours of work hours, a safe work environment, and a fair payment for themselves. To protest they took place at Haymarket of Chicago first day of May 1886. The first three day of protest was peaceful but on the fourth-day police open fire due to inconvenience and two laborer died in this.

The following day there occurred a bomb blast in the Haymarket. 7 police officers and 4 civilians died in this. Police arrested the leaders of this protest. The court sentenced the death penalty to everyone. 4 were hanged, 1 committed suicide and two of them were in prison for the lifetime 

This incident got famous everywhere in the world. To commemorate this day, in 1889 The International Organization of Workers declared the 1st day of May International Workers Day or International Labour Day. Since then the whole world is celebrating this day in honor of their workers.

Labour Day 2021: Pakistan Observes Youm-e-Mazdoor by Honoring Its Laborers

Labour Day History in Urdu

To know more about the history of Labour day in Urdu, check these informative Youtube videos below.

History of Labour Day in Pakistan

Pakistan officially started observing International Labour Day in 1972 after it formulated the country’s 1st labor strategy.  Which comes with the Social Security Network. Also, introduced to Workers Welfare Fund. 

That was a big step taken by the government of Pakistan for its working-class people. Since then Pakistan is celebrating and trying to give a fair price and working environment to the laborers. 

Celebration of Labour Day in Pakistan

This day is the annual holiday in Pakistan. People from everywhere in Pakistan celebrate this day together. Government or private offices remain close on this day. Labour Union of Pakistan organizes rallies and parades on the occasion of this day.

There is also held special discussion and seminars. Many social parties spread awareness and competition takes place for children to let them know about countries’ working-class people. Broadcasting media on-air special programs related to laborers on television and radio. Print media publish special articles and news covering this day.

Massages from Country Chiefs  on Labour Day

Countries Prime minister and the president issues message on the occasion of International Labour Day every year. As laborers are a big contributor to Pakistan’s economy. The government always supports and cherishes the countries’ laborers.

Prime minister Imran Khan said “1st of May, the International Workers’ Day, reminds us of the sacrifices of the workers who laid down their lives for their rights. The day symbolizes the sanctity and dignity of labor and at the same time, it is an acknowledgment of the importance of workers for the economic growth of the country”

He also added, “Our religion emphasizes the principles of social justice and respect for the rights of people. Our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) himself worked on occasions including Ghazwa-e-Khandaq to demonstrate respect for work. Respect for hard work and recognition of the rights of workers are extremely important in the process of progress”

In the end, the prime minister shared the government’s activity on laborers well being by saying “The PTI government has embarked upon programs of vocational training and skills development to enable workers to get their due share in job markets within and outside the country”

The president of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi also issued a message on this day. He said, “This day is not only a reminder of the struggle of workers but also an acknowledgment of their contribution towards national growth and progress.”

He further added that “We believe that workers and employers are partners in the production process and their cooperation is essential for industrial efficiency and ultimately for the socio-economic development of the country,”

At the very end, he requested the laborers to contribute to the economy by saying “On this occasion, I request the workers and employers to play a role in the social and economic development of Pakistan by making it a symbol of progress and prosperity,”

Labour Day Speech

A speech is important for Labour Day. Speech has the ability to make people aware of a fact. And have that inspirational power for the listeners. Here is a sample of a short speech you can try to motivate people on International Labour Day.

” Labour Day, a day we dedicated to our hardworking laborers and their works. Because they deserve appreciation from all over the country. From all the people. They are not less than us, we are not less than them.

May on this cheerful occasion of labor day we can forget all the inequalities in our society. May we give the rightful behavior and wages to our laborer brothers. They deserve them for their work.

The workers play an important part in our country’s finance. Over 52 million people in our country are laborers. It is not a small number. If we desire the progression of our country we have to think about it with our labor brothers. 

So, in the last, I want to finish my speech by saying that laborers play a vital role in our country. We have to take care of them. We can not forget about them and we have to make sure of their rights and wellbeing.”

Labour Speech in Urdu

Take a look at these videos on Youtube to have ideas on the Labour Day speech in Urdu.


Labour Day 2021: Pakistan Observes Youm-e-Mazdoor by Honoring Its Laborers

Labour Day Wishes, Facebook Status/SMS

To celebrate Labour day with your people and well-wisher below are some wishes to help you wish them

1. Today is a day for you and your hard work! Let us celebrate the success and struggles of your working life. Wishing you a happy labor day!

2. Happy Labour Day! It is a day to celebrate each other and to share happiness.

3. Happy Labour Day to the workers of every field! The world is built on their contribution and all of them deserve equal respect from us!

4. Sending our appreciation and respect to the workers of every field. Happy Labour Day!

5. Labour Day is very significant to acknowledge the efforts of the workers who provide us with their daily service. Happy Labour Day to you!

6. Our daily lives go smoothly standing upon the tireless work and service of the workers of various sectors. So Happy Labour Day to the heroes!

7. Every job deserves to be respected and every man deserves to be celebrated every day. Happy Labour Day to all the great workers!

8. Happy Labour Day to you! It is a tribute to all the past and present workers, who have offered us their selfless services for our comfort.

9. May Day bears significance to all the laborers of the world, as it is dedicated to their hard work and service. Happy May Day to them!

10. Happy May Day to the workers! Thank you for pouring your soul into your respected jobs every day and gifting us with the fruits of your hard work.

11. May everyone spends a joyful and prosperous May Day with their loved ones!

12. Workers are the invisible backbone of a nation, as a nation is only able to stand strong because of them. Happy May Day to the workers!

13. Happy May Day! Every developing sector of a country is indebted to the many contributions of the workers all over the nation, so they must be respected!

14. Wishing a prosperous May Day to all the respectable laborers of the society. They deserve to be treated well not only today but every day of the year!

15. Happy May Day to our brothers and sisters, who shed blood, sweat, and tears to provide us with their constant service every day!


Only celebrating and displaying parades or rallies is not enough for our laborers they need their wages to be fair. Their working environment is clear. We all have to make sure they get their rights too.

Child Labour is a new challenge for Pakistan. As it is getting out of hand. We should make sure no children are in any workplace or industry. Children are born to be educated not to face this cruel world at the early stage of their life. 

We should make sure the schooling of every child instead of making them work as laborers. Let’s work for the future of our country’s laborers and their well-being. Let’s work for the children of our country by making sure everyone’s education.

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