Lakshmi Puja Is the Reminder of Wealth and Prosperity

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Lakshmi puja is the reminder of wealth and prosperity

The upcoming date of Lakshmi puja is Saturday, 24th October 2022. 

Lakshmi puja is one of the most important religious practices of Hinduism. Many of you might have some rough ideas about this ritual practice. This article will provide you with all the necessary information and much deep knowledge about Lakshmi puja. So, go through this writing and make your ideas clear on Lakshmi puja. 

What is Lakshmi puja? 

It is one of the ancient practices of Hindu followers. It is believed that Lakshmi is a deity and wife of Lord Vishnu. Lakshmi is a symbol of wealth, happiness, fortune, and furthermore. 

According to Hindu mythology, the deity Lakshmi arrives at her devotee’s houses and blessings with prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. So, you can call the Lakshmi puja the festival of the welcoming ceremony of the goddess Lakshmi. 

Lakshmi puja is the reminder of wealth and prosperity

History and Background of Lakshmi puja

There is some demonstration of Goddess Lakshmi’s existence that can be found in the Rigveda. You will be astonished to hear, that the Rig Veda is one of the first holy Scriptures of Hinduism. The founding age of this holy Scripture is believed to be the period of 1500-1200 BCE. 

So, deity Lakhsmi’s existence was a minimum of thousands of years ago. So, it is clear that Lakshmi puja is an ancient ritual practice.

Some ancient Jain Scriptures also have many acknowledgments regarding the Lakshmi Mata’s spiritual arrival and powers. 

Celebrations of Lakshmi puja 

This holy ritual is celebrated in Ashwin month according to the Bengal calendar. The Lakshmi puja is observed after the day of Vijaya Dasami. Many people also call this ritual Kojagori Lokkhi puja. 

Hindu followers try to wear the best outfits to welcome Lokkhi mata. Historically, it is believed that Deity Lokkhi likes clean houses. So, followers clean their own houses and open the door and windows for the arrival of the Goddess Lakshmi. 

People usually decorate their houses with numerous extraordinary Alpana paintings. During the evening period, clay made deyas lightened up. Deyas makes the outlook of the temple and the houses much more attractive. 

Mainly pujas are offered to the monument of Lakshmi. Depending on the regional practice an additional monument is also being made for either the Goddess Ganesha, Saraswati, or goddess Kobera. The additional Goddess along with the Mata Lakshmi is honored by the followers on this special occasion. 

The well-recognized time of this holy event is the Amavasya Tithi or the evening part of the day. It is believed that Mata Lakshmi will remove the darkness and arrive with fresh hope and prosperity. 

The secondary part of the Lakshmi ritual

The main event completes within the first period of the night. Then everyone gets happy and cheerful because of Deity’s arrival with lots of wealth and good fortune. Followers believe that, if Lakshmi Mata gets satisfied with the offerings, then she will provide good fortune for the upcoming year. 

During the night period, people celebrate the happy occasion with colorful fireworks. People offer a good meal and sweets to their friends and relatives. Yes, this part of the night is very charming and enjoyable for all. 

Important messages of Lakshmi puja

It’s a ritual that has numerous impacts on our life. The Lakshmi puja is very sensational because the deity Lakshmi is the symbol of good fortune. Here are some important messages of this Holy festival. 

  • Good spirit carries positive strength.

Goddess Lakshmi was able to beat the evil spirits only because of her good soul. Historically it was proved that a good spirit will always remain Supreme. 

  • The mother carries good fortune for the family. 

Deity Lakshmi is a motherly character. She fought for her children and got the best outcome. Lakshmi puja’s main message to us is that ‘Mother holds the most vital responsibility and role in the family. She carries all the responsibilities of her family. And complete them successfully. So, don’t underestimate the sacrifice of mothers. 

  • Good fortune comes after a darker period.

This ritual teaches us, mother Lakhsmi arrives in the dark period of the day. And she comes with prosperity, happiness, wealth, enjoyment, satisfaction, success, good fortune, and much more good things. So, we should be hopeful during our dark times. Because the ending of the dark period will be the beginning of prosperity. 

  • We must always be hopeful. 

You never know what is waiting for you. Maybe the best thing your God has kept for you. The beginning of the misfortune will be the beginning of a new future and Good fortune yet to come. 

Lakshmi puja is the reminder of wealth and prosperity

The regional preeminence of Laksmi puja

For thousands of years, this spiritual event is being performed in different ways in different regions. 

If you look at the Nepalese way of Lakshmi puja celebration, Is very different from the other regions of the Indian subcontinent. 

In Nepal, this ritual gets more emphasis than all other rituals except the Dashain festival.

Bihar, Odisha, Sikkim, West Bengal’s second-largest festival is this ritual. While in Bangladesh followers give more priority to this special festival. 

Outside the Indian subcontinent, this festival does not receive huge acceptance. But in Hinduism believers perform Lakshmi puja from all over the world. 

How Is Lakshmi Puja Connected to Indian Culture and Traditions?

Lakshmi Puja is an integral part of Indian culture and traditions. It is a celebration of prosperity and wealth, and is observed with great enthusiasm and devotion. During this festival, people exchange durga puja wishes and quotes to convey their good wishes and blessings to each other.

How is Nabanna related to the concept of wealth and prosperity in Lakshmi Puja?

During Lakshmi Puja, the offering of nabanna festival rice holds great significance. This variety of rice is considered pure and auspicious, symbolizing a bountiful harvest and abundance. It is believed that offering nabanna rice to Goddess Lakshmi brings prosperity and wealth to the worshipper’s home.

Final messages

Nowadays Lakhsmi puja is getting more and more attention from the followers of Hinduism. In different regions, this ritual has different looks. But the basic principles are the same. So, followers must take all the necessary good learnings from the Laksmi puja. And bear in mind, such a special event always brings prosperity and happiness to us. 

Stay well and happy. We will be coming back with another important and mesmerizing religious festival.

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