Majdoor Diwas 2024: A Day Devoted to The Labour of Nepal

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The first day of May is worldwide Labour Day. Nepal celebrates this day as its Majdoor Diwas. Nepal celebrates this day by honoring the country’s laborers. This year the world is celebrating its 132nd international laborer day.

This day is devoted to all the working-class people of Nepal. Nepal has almost 16.8 million laborers worldwide. This day plays a big role amongst the Nepalese. The government of Nepal also ensures this day to celebrate with great homage.

What is the significance of Labour Day in Nepal and how is it celebrated on Majdoor Diwas 2024?

Labour Day in Nepal holds immense significance as a day to honor the contributions and achievements of the labor force. On Majdoor Diwas 2024, various activities and events are organized to celebrate the occasion, highlighting the importance of worker rights and promoting solidarity among workers. Sri lanka labour day 2024 will be celebrated with enthusiasm and fervor.

History of International Labour Day

The heritage of celebrating International Labour Day started in 1889. In 1889 international organization of workers declared May first to be International labor day. This comes after a big affair called Haymarket Affair. Which occurs in 1886 in Chicago, USA. 

At that time owners of industries used to treat workers inhumanly. Workers had to work for 16 to 18 hours a day. The working environment was not safe. Also, daily wages were not fair to the workers. 

Workers demanded fair payment, 8-hour work time, and a safe place for work. In these demands, they arranged a protest on 1st May of 1886 in Chicago city of USA. They started the protest on that day. The earlier two days of protests were peaceful. On the 3rd day of protest due to some inconveniences police open fired and two laborers died in this firing.

The following day there was a bomb exploded at the protest. In that bomb blast, 7 police officers died along with 4 general people. Police arrested the leaders behind the protest and the court gave life sentences to all of them. 4 were hanged among them, 1 committed suicide, and two had their lifetime in the prison.

To memorize this affair international workers’ organization ‘Second International’ announced the first day of May to be International Labour Day in 1886. 

Majdoor Diwas 2021: A Day Devoted to The Labour of Nepal

Celebration Of Majdoor Diwas

Nepal first celebrated Labour Day in 1963. But till 2007 it was not a holiday. As it is a holiday now, people from all sectors celebrate this day altogether. Nepal is a country with a huge number of laborers so this day plays a significant role among all Nepalese. 

Private and government offices remain closed on this day. Big parties arrange programs for labor day. Many organizations arrange parades and rallies according to this day. Also, they held seminars and special discussions on these occasions.

Social party leaders make public appearances and give speeches to laborers to spread awareness about labor right on this day. Broadcasting media and print media produce special segments regarding this day. Moreover, the prime minister and the president of Nepal issue messages for working-class people on this day 

Messages of Country Chiefs on Majdoor Diwas

The president of Nepal Bidya Devi Bhandari said on the occasion of International Labour Day and our country’s Majdoor Diwas “I expect that the concerned stakeholders will pay attention to exhibit high respect for agriculture and include all laborers in the social security programs. The Constitution of Nepal had ensured the right to employment to all citizens and rights of fair labor exercise, wages, and contributory social security facility”

In the end, she optimistically said “I am hopeful that the government’s policy and programs for the next fiscal year will give due attention to the crisis, and the workers.”

Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli in his message said on Majdoor Diwas “Nepal’s labor movement has been celebrating this day as the day commemorating all the movements that have been waged for the ‘dignified, prosperous, and creative life of workers. We have been marking this day as a celebration of the ‘unity and achievement’ of Nepali workers over the last some years. May 1 is also considered the day to discuss the achievements made in the ‘world of work’ and to resolve for fulfilling the remaining works,”

He also added “Our economy had been moving on the trajectory of rapid development for the last two years. High understanding had been maintained between the industrialists and workers on both sides with the government’s coordination. Due to this understanding, the minimum wage of the workers had increased by 39 percent, the highest increase in history. Our economic growth rate had been increasing by double-digit and the government had doubled the budget to the labor sector in the second year compared to the first year,”

Labour Day Speech

Speeches make a difference among the listeners. It has the capability to make people enlightened of any fact. Below is a sample of a short speech for labor day to create awareness among the laborers.

“International Labour Day, a day to celebrate the rights of laborers all across the world. They deserve a day for this. They are the most hardworking people of all time. But always appreciated less for their effort. 

This day is to make sure our laborer brothers’ have rights and forget all the inequalities of our society. We should be fair about giving the right wages to our laborers. Give them a good working environment.

Our laborer brothers play a vital role in our country’s economy. We have a big number of laborers, almost 16 million of them to serve our nation. It is not a small number. They make our country financially strong. They deserve the best for them.

I wanna finish my speech by saying how important this is to us to treat our laborers with good care. They work for the country, the country people have to work for them. We have to make sure they have fair money for their work and have a good place to work. We have to get rid of our society’s crazy inequality rule.

Majdoor Diwas 2021: A Day Devoted to The Labour of Nepal

Majdoor Diwas Facebook Status/SMS and Wishes

Here are some Facebook statuses and wishes for you. To celebrate this day with your close ones and send them wishes on International Labour Day.

“All labor is directed towards producing some effects. Happy International Labours day.”

“Never hesitate from working hard as that is the surest key to success. Happy International Labours day.”

“Warm Wishes on international workers’ day. If you want to have a happy and satisfying life, then always enjoy what you do and life will be much easier.”

“Success comes to those who work hard for it and on the occasion of labor day sending across warm wishes to all the hard-working peoples.”

“Always be a hard-working soul as nothing good comes easy in life. So make the best of your efforts to achieve your goals. Happy May Day.”

“A worker is a creator and a great asset to every nation. Happy workers’ day.”

‘Our workers are the inspiration for all of us. Their hard work and dedication always motivate us to work for the growth and development of our nation. Happy International Workers’ Day!”

“Happy May Day!

Workers Brought Us:

– The labor movement

– The 8 hours of a workday

– The End to Child Labor

– Weekends Off work

– Workers Comp

– Health & Safety Standards

– Collective Bargaining”

“Without Labour,

Nothing Prospers!

Happy International Labor Day 2024!”

“Happy Mazdoor Diwas. May all majdur be blessed with sound health, success, prosperity in life.”


Indeed labor day is to celebrate the rights of our laborers. But this day is not only meant for rallies or parades, we have to make sure our laborer community gets a good price for their work and can lead a decent life.

We have to stop neglecting their well-being. They are the heroes who bring finance to the country and still take a huge part in our country’s economy. May we bring them pride and a good life in the country.

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