Monetization Disclosure

We put in lots of hours writing, researching, shooting, conceptualizing, testing, and editing the content you’ll find both here and on our social media accounts, and we love every step of it.

Working on the internet full-time necessitates monetizing portions of our content. We strongly value transparency, so we want you to be fully informed about what type of work we’re compensated for. We support ourselves through this blog in two main ways:

  1. Ads – Sometimes you will see ads within our blog posts and home pages. These ads are mostly served by the third party publisher to advertise their products. We will always put ‘sponsored/ads’ notice in an advertisements from thrid party like – Google Ads, Ezoic, or other services. However if you click on any of these ads and make any transactions it’s all your responsiblity. Be cautious while making transaction and always make sure they are authentic or secured platform for the transaction you want to make. We make sure we only show authentic advertisement in our platform, but in any exceptional case you are victim of a fradulant activity, we don’t hold the responsibility for that. We never share your information with such companies either. All your data is secured with us in any case you share any personal information with us, it’ secured by law.
  2. sponsored content – sometimes companies will pay us (either in cash or free product) to feature their products in our content. This type of partnership will always be clearly denoted, either in plain language at the top or bottom of a blog entry (‘Thanks so much to […] for sponsoring this post!”) or by way of an appropriate hashtag on social media channels. (#ad, #sponsored) Please take our word for it that we never partner with companies we wouldn’t otherwise be interested in supporting.
  3. affiliate links – some links on this site and on our social media channels are what are called “affiliate links.” These links have tracking information in them that essentially pay us a certain commission based either on the number of link opens or the amount of sale dollars, depending on the terms of the particular affiliate program. The price doesn’t change for you whether you access the brand’s site directly or via our affiliate link.

Thanks for supporting the companies that help us keep this blog going!