National Tree Fair: A Day with our true friends

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National Tree Fair: A Day with our true friends

A tree fair is a large demonstration of different kinds of trees. Trees are a fundamental part of human life. Not only humans but all living beings directly or indirectly depend on trees. They give us oxygen, which we inhale to survive. We use them for many other purposes. They are our true friends.

History of National Tree Fair

Bangladesh organized its first tree fair in 1995. But, this was not an official event. The fair was organized in the Dinajpur district. Now, the forest division regularly organizes tree fairs at the district, Upazila level. People are becoming aware of tree plantations, attracted to planting new trees. Bangladesh has been celebrating the national tree fair officially since 2005.

What you will see at National Tree Fair

Since 2005, the official venue for this fair is the National Trade Fair Field at Sher E Bangla Nagar, Agargaon, Dhaka. This is a month-long fair normally held between June and July. Another fair starts on the same day just beside the National Tree Fair, which is the Eco fair.

The fair consists of a lot of stalls by Forest and tree conservation organizations and some nurseries. The main charm of the fair was the stall by National Botanical Garden, Mirpur. There was a small version of the huge Amazon-Lilly placed in a pond-like place. There were numerous kinds of water flowers placed around it.

The main attraction of that year’s fair was the insect-eating tree. This tree was introduced by the BRAC nursery. These plants work like a charm to control insects. There were more flower plants than fruit plants.

Besides the local plants, there were also a lot of foreign plants. You can get almost all types of trees including Bleeding Heart Russelia, White Rose, China Rose, Marigold, Sun Flower, etc. You will find Pomelo, Sugar Apple, Mango, and Litchi plants in almost every stall.

There is no absence of curiosity in the house decoration trees. You will see a lot of decorated trees including Bonsai, Garden Cortons, different kinds of Cactus, etc. Besides the trees, the stalls in the tree fair also sell gardening tools, fertilizers, and seeds.

National Tree Fair: A Day with our true friends

Different kinds of Trees

We see trees, we know the name of a lot of them. But if you see a lot of new trees other than the known trees? Green Bangla Stall imported a Cherry tree named Manila cherry from the Philippines. They also brought Tiger Fig trees also known as Baricated fig trees.

You will also find Achai Berry imported from Brazil. Patuakhali Nursery imports Sweet Santol from Thailand and Red Durian from Malaysia. Besides these trees, you will also find Kokum of India, Red Longan of Thailand, Mammi Sapodilla of Indonesia, and different types of Date plants from Saudia Arabia.

If we go to the flower section, You will see Melampodium on Metal Biotech Nursery. You will find the Kigelia flower plant only in the Rangpur Karmaikel College stall. You will also see Red Mandevilla and different kinds of Indian Lotus.

Besides fruit and flower plants, you will also find some water plants. Almost all the water plants are local, but a different kind of Eichhornia will attract your eyes. It is imported from Thailand by Abadi Nursery.

These mentioned plants are a tiny part of the entire fair. You will find almost all local plants and a few rare plants here.

Importance of National Tree Fair

Trees benefit people in many ways. Fruits, flowers, wood, oxygen, shadows – all of it from the trees. The use of trees as the utility cannot be described in words. Let us think of the financial benefits for a moment. Researchers at the Indian Forest Institute have found the financial benefits of a tree that has lived for 50 years.

In fact, the tree saves the environment from air pollution. They give us Oxygen and make the environment rain friendly. They protect the soil from erosion. In areas with a lot of trees, floods and storms can’t do much damage. Trees protect people from natural disasters like front-liners.

If we plant trees on our roofs, then the temperature of the whole city will come down. Trees can decrease indoor temperature up to 2 degrees. A vegetable tree can supply three men’s oxygen for three consecutive months.

The tenants and owners of the houses can benefit not only environmentally but also financially. A country needs to have at least 25% of the total land as forest. Bangladesh has only 17.5 percent. It’s getting lesser day by day. At least 4000 acres of forest have been blown away just to accommodate Rohingya refugees of Myanmar.

The weather has changed as the number of trees has decreased. As a result, the world is becoming hotter which we cite as global warming. Agricultural production has been hit by climate change. There is no substitute for planting trees to save the environment.

School, college, and university students can be encouraged to plant trees. There can be a festival of planting trees like a book-reading festival. Schools, colleges, and universities can host the festival.

National Tree Fair: A Day with our true friends

Want to Visit the National Tree Fair?

Are you interested to visit the National Tree Fair of Bangladesh? Can not find proper information anywhere else? We are here for you. First of all, what you need to do is keep an eye on the website of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. There you will acquire all the info about every environment-related event including the National Tree Fair.

If you are Bangladeshi, then you have to come to Dhaka first any day before the fair ends. If you are in Sayedabad, then You will have to find Shikor Transport which goes to Agargaon, the event venue. And if you are in Gabtoli, Then you need to look for Arnob Transport.  If you are in Mohakhali, then look for Bihanga or Modhumoti Transport.

Again, if you are in Uttara, then look for Alif Enterprise or Tetulia Transport. After leaving the bus, you can ask anyone to show you the event spot. Or you can find it yourself going beside the Sher E Bangla Agricultural University.

But, if you are a tourist and just landed at the airport, I will recommend you to use Ridesharing services like Uber and Pathao. Leave the airport, cross the road and call an Uber. They will take you to the event venue.

How Does National Tree Fair Celebrate the Spirit of Friendship and Community?

The National Tree Fair celebrates the spirit of friendship and community by bringing people together in a joyful atmosphere. The fair showcases different trees and plants, embodying the joy of nature and the bangla concert rocking spirit of togetherness. It’s a great opportunity for people to connect, learn, and celebrate their love for the environment.

How Can Celebrating National Real Sugar Day Enhance Our Connection with Nature on National Tree Fair?

National Real Sugar Day celebration can enhance our connection with nature on National Tree Fair by promoting the use of natural sweeteners derived from sugar cane and sugar beets. By appreciating the natural source of sweetness, we can also appreciate the importance of trees and the environment in sustaining our food sources.


Trees are our true friends, no matter what injustice we do to them. They are helping us to survive unconditionally. Nowadays, teenagers and kids do not know much about trees and the importance of tree plantations. A National tree fair like this should be treasured. This can be a way to introduce the next generation to different kinds of trees. Let’s plant more and more trees. Let’s save the world together.

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