Onam 2024 – The Kerala Festival of Joy and Happiness (Wishes and Quotes)

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Onam 2024 will begin on
Thursday, September 5

and ends on

Tuesday, September 17

The Onam festival 2024 is the currently most awaited occasion throughout the Kerala state in India. It is a traditional annual event for Keralites.

During the Onam festival, Kerala state becomes full of excitement, enjoyment, and happiness amongst all classes of people for hundreds of years.

Therefore, marking the official new year, Onam is observed as mythology and pastoral practice. Besides, this festival celebrates for 10 days, bringing new hope and a new start for the people.

How Can I Wish Someone Happy Onam in Malayalam?

To wish someone Happy Onam in Malayalam, you can use the phrase “Onashamsakal.” It’s a traditional greeting for the festival, which is celebrated in Kerala with grand feasts, dances, and boat races. Onam is a significant part of the pahela baishakh celebration traditions in South India.

History of Onam

Onam has a long history in Kerala’s religious and ruling perspective and its neighboring areas. Initially, the festival name was found in Maturaikkanci, a Tamil poem.

Then, it tells us that Onam is being celebrated in Madurai temples; people feasted and wore clothes to observe the ceremony.

On the other hand, Onam marks King Mahabali’s visit to his land, and its people welcome him with great enthusiasm and joyous mode. Plus, Onam is also known as the harvest festival.

According to Kurup, Onam is a historically Hindu temple-based ceremony observed for many years in Kerala state, India.

When do people celebrate Onam?

Onam, the harvest festival is usually celebrated in August-September month annually across the whole of India and the globe as well. Moreover, Onam is observed based on the first month of the Malayali calendar year, Gingham.

Therefore, the initial 10 days of the Malayali calendar year are considered the Onam festival time. Hence, people from all walks of life try to celebrate the occasion based on their limitations.

Why People do Celebrate Onam

There are many reasons behind celebrating Onam by the people of Kerala. Moreover, Onam hails the return of the greatest asura King Mahabali from Patala Loka. Mahabali (the grandson of Pahalada) was a learned and strong king who honored knowledge.

And he was a superhero for his countrymen. He conquered his kingdom as much as he could see, and his owned land was considered invincible. So, respecting the appeal of Mahali’s people, Vishnu allowed Mahabalito to come back to his kingdom among his people from Pathalaonce once a year.

So this day (coming of Mahabali) is observed as the Onam festival. And people celebrate the day to honor the King’s return and be blessed for the future.

How do people Observe Onam Festival outside of Kerala?

People in Kerala celebrate Onam in many different ways, and they decorate their houses nicely with various types of flowers. They do many things, including cultural programs, prayers, dance performances, boat races, traveling across the country, food, and many more. The families arrange various programs, and they participate in some specific rituals together.   

Let’s look at the occasional main traditions of Onam for each day:

Day: 01 Athan

On day one, the people of Kerala take an early shower, and then they begin floral decorations set up on the ground in front of their houses to offer a warm welcome to their beloved king. Usually, men collect the flowers, and women use them to decorate the house area. And the design is simple on the beginning day, and they use only yellow flowers.

The decoration area keeps developing and becomes more complex each day till the 10th day of the festival. The ceremony includes showcasing different types of Keralan art forms through a street parade, such as dance, carnival floats, music, and decorated elephant.

Day: 02 Chithira

On the second day, people added two more layers with yellow and orange flowers to the Pookkalam. And people who live far from their houses go to their village home and visit temples with their families together. In the past, Pookkalam was designed with some sacred flowers of Kerala, but nowadays, people use a variety of flowers. 

Day: 03 Chodhi

On day three, one more layer will be added with different flowers to the Pookkalam, and families will begin to purchase jewelry and new clothes for each other. Besides, the men buy a mundu (a garment worn around the waist), and the women wear a Kasavu Sari, which is a traditional Keralan women’s dress. Besides, the young girls wear Pattu Pavadai, traditional clothes that differentiate girls from married women. 

Day: 04 Vishakam

It is the beginning of the central festival feast, and another name is Onam Sadhya. Onam Sadhya is combined with 11 to 13 traditional dishes that serve on a banana leaf. Plus the number of food can be 26 to 30 in different families as well—this food specialized in various types of vegetables. People offer Onam Sadhya to others, and they eat together with their friends and families. Plus, they invite guests to have food and enjoy the festival.

Day: 05 Anizham

On day five, a traditional snake boat race known as Vallamkali id takes place on the sacred Pampa river. At the competition spot, many people all over Kerala come to cheer for their team, plus see and enjoy the race as well. In addition, some people come from outside of Kerala to enjoy the boat race, increasing the festival’s joy.

Day: 06 Thriketa

The people who migrated from Kerala to other cities visit their ancestral homes and observe the ceremony with their loved ones on this day. Plus, they exchange gifts with each other. In addition, they add some fresh flowers to the Pokkalam.

Day: 07 Moolam

On the seventh day, different traditional programs take place, like a dance performance named Puli Kali. In addition, people from all walks of life come together and enjoy the event in a jolly mode. Plus, people offer Onasadya (a religious meal) and visit each other.

Day: 08 Pooradam

This time, the people do some similar thing what they do in the previous days. For instance, the migrated people come to visit their ancestral apartments and visit each other. Besides, they offer gifts to each other based on their limitation.

Day: 09 Uthradam

On the ninth day of the Onam, the preparation of the ceremony reaches its peak position. And people think the Mahabali comes to Kerala on this day. Basically, people celebrate the day by participating in the final Onam shopping and cleaning their houses.

Day: 10 Thiruvonam

Thiruvonam is the last day of the Onam festival. On this day, people donate to poor and needy persons and wear their new clothes. Therefore, they observe the ceremony with fireworks and bright lights in the evening. In addition, people arrange dance performances and folk music in some parts of Kerala.

Importance of Celebrating Onam Festival

The Kerala people celebrate the Onam festival to respect the return of their beloved king Mahabali. According to Vaishnava mythology, Gods were defeated by the king Mahabali, and he was ruling over three worlds at a time. So the people of Kerala loved him very much, and the Gods were afraid of Mahabali’s fame. 

In addition, King Mahabali offered his head to God when Lord Vishnu was about to take third place. And thus, Mahabali impressed Lord Vishnu surprisingly that he allowed Mahabali to return to his people and kingdom every year during the Onam festival.

How can Foreigners Celebrate Onam?

People from all over the world can celebrate Onam in their ways. And they can visit Kerala in the first couple of days of the celebration, where they can see some villages and get the real taste of the Onam festival. But, foreign people must apply to the state department to get a visa. 

The tourist can mingle with the locals, enjoy the festival, taste the village life, and stay with villagers. It is a part of a project (named Relish, an authentic Onam feast and get an exciting Onam gift) arranged by the Kerala Tourism Department. Then, the foreigners are introduced to various arts and cultural activities related to the Onam festival.

In 2017, Onam Sadhya was introduced to tourists. And since 2018, they have been arranging this program on a large scale for the tourists coming across the globe. So, if you are interested in getting the authentic taste of the Onam festival of Kerala, you can apply to the Tourism department and enjoy the ceremony with the locals.

Last Words about Onam

Onam is the biggest and most observed ceremony in Kerala. It is celebrated with a tremendous enthusiastic mind by people all over Kerala and other parts of the globe. It has much important to observe the day. People show their compassionate attitude toward others and offer donations to poor people. They gather with their families and provide gifts to each other, plus arrange some excellent programs like dancing, racing, going to the temple, decorating their houses nicely, and many more. 

At last, I hope you have got some fantastic ideas about Onam with more details. 

Wishes and Quotes on Onam Festival 2024

Wishes on Onam Festival

  1. “May the colors and joy of Onam fill your home and heart with happiness and prosperity. May you always enjoy a good fortune and the choicest bounty and nature. Happy Onam!”

  2. Sending you my heart-warming greetings and blessings on this Onam. May King Mahabali’s spirit always guide you. Happy Onam!

  3. “Here’s wishing you health, wealth, and happiness. May the spirit of Onam remains everywhere—where ever you go, whatever you do and whoever you might be with. Happy Onam!”

  4. This Onam I wish for all your worries and sorrows to fade away. May you be blessed with happiness, good health, and prosperity. Happy Onam, from our family to yours!

  5. “Like the bright flowers of Pokalam, may your life be filled with bright and beautiful colors. Like the boat races of Onam, may you reach your destination with full determination? Like the elaborate feast of Onam Snadhya, may you enjoy the good food every day. Happy Onam!”

  6. Despite we are miles away from Onam this year, the memories of the good times spent with you all are still fresh in my mind. I pray to God for your good health and happiness this year. Wish you and your family a very happy Onam!

  7. “When Onam is here, happiness is in the air. Let the sweet fragrance of flowers fill our homes and the aroma of home-cooked delicacies tease our senses. Happy Onam!”

  8. When Onam Is Here, Happiness Is In The Air.

Let The Sweet Fragrance Of Flowers Fill Our Homes

And The Aroma Of Home-Cooked Delicacies Teases Our Senses.

!!Happy Onam!!

  1. It is time to celebrate the harvest festival and welcome King Mahabali! Let’s decorate our homes with Pookalams and make delicacies, keeping the spirit of the festival alive. Happy Onam!

  2. “Onam is here. It’s time to decorate your home with Pokalams, challenge friends for a fun-filled boat race, and feast like a king during Onam Sandhya. Let’s celebrate the harvest festival together and make it a moment to remember. Happy Onam!”

  3. Let us not let the Coronavirus pandemic dampen the spirit of Onam. On this auspicious occasion, I wish for your health and happiness. Happy Onam!

 Quotes on Onam Festival

  1. May your life be decorated like Pookalam,

sail in harmony like a snake boat, and provide

you variety like the food at community luncheons.

  1. May there be peace and wisdom

May there be happiness and calm

May this Ugadi bring your way

Success, goodwill, and charm

Happy Onam.

  1. Onam is a celebration of the homecoming

of Emperor Mahabali. May you get the

opportunity to enjoy the love and bounties

of nature by sharing it with your

friends and family.

  1. A festival that marks joy and cheer

And brings along everything that best

A happy soul, a sky full of dreams

And a season of prosperous harvest

Happy Onam.

  1. May Lord Vamana bless you with a wonderful

harvest of your deeds at all times and on this

a festive occasion, may you reap a wonderful

harvest of crop, relationship, and happiness.

  1. May this festival of Onam bring

Love, success, luck, and cheer

Wish you a Happy Onam

  1. A great Pookalam is an assimilation of design

of assorted bright flowers, ideas, commitment,

group work and perseverance.

It imitates life as these are the prerequisites

for constructing an outstanding life.

  1. May the color and lights of Onam

fill your home with happiness and joy.

Have the most beautiful Onam!

  1. Festivals bring the family together. It gives reason to have fun one more time.

A festival like Onam brings prosperity to the family.

It gives reason to smile One more time.

Happy Onam to you and your family!

Our warmest greetings for this Onam festival.

May God fill your heart with complete cheer and joy.

Have a happy and wonderful Onam!

  1. Let’s celebrate the spirit of the

harvest festival in all its splendor.

and enjoy the auspicious festival of Onam

Happy Onam!!!

  1. Wish you a prosperous life.

May Onam lead to new beginnings in life.

Happy Onam!

  1. The wonderful festival of Onam is here.

May you and your family have a great time.

Wishing you a Happy Onam.

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