Pakistan Day 2024: A Prideful Remembrance of Pakistan Resolution

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Pakistan Day 2021: A Prideful Remembrance of Pakistan Resolution

Pakistan Day or Youm-e-Pakistan remarks on the Lahore Resolution of 1940. This day also commemorates the assumption of the first-ever constitution of Pakistan. This day is also known as Pakistan Resolution Day or Republic Day.

This day is a public day off in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan celebrate this day with gratification and honor every year. They celebrate this national day on the 23rd of March. On this day, they transferred to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

History Of Pakistan day

Pakistan Day symbolizes two incidents of the past. One is the Lahore Resolution which took place in 1940 in Lahore, 22 to 24th March. Another incident is Pakistan getting its first constitution on the 23rd March of 1956. Also turned into an Islamic republic country from the dominion of Pakistan.

The Lahore Resolution was a part of the Muslim League’s annual session in 1940. The annual session lasted from 22nd March to 24th March at Minto Park, Lahore. The resolution was processed by Abul Kashem Fazlul Huq. This resolution was passed on 24th March.

For Pakistan Lahore Resolution was the base of the state in South Asia. Although the title Pakistan was not raised in the resolution. As the event broadly discussed why Hindus and Muslims are different and why they deserve different states. Because of this passed resolution, the British rule considered about two different countries and resulted in Pakistan as an independent country with a Muslim majority.

On March 23rd of 1956, Pakistan adopted its first constitution. Pakistan gets independent in 1947 but as a Dominion. Wich was under the British commonwealth. It becomes a republic country on the 23rd march of 1956. As it acquired its earliest constitution on this day. Turned into an Islamic republic country from dominion. Which makes Pakistan the first-ever country to be an Islamic republic in the world. 

Pakistan Day 2021: A Prideful Remembrance of Pakistan Resolution

Celebration of Pakistan Day

The main celebration contains the Pakistan militant’s parade in the capital city Islamabad on this day. Where the president is the chief guest along with the prime minister and cabinets ministers. Civilians also take part in the parade. These formalities take place shortly in the morning.

Pakistani militants show their potentiality and capacity throughout the parade. Sometimes militants from foreign countries also get invited to participate in the parade. After finishing the parade, the president of Pakistan announces awards to civilians and militants for accomplishments and contributions to Pakistan. 

This award ceremony takes place in the presidential palace. A change of guard happens on the tomb of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Following the wreath is laid in the tomb. It is a holiday in the country so every governmental institute, bank, and educational institute remains close on this occasion. 

The national flag also is raised in every government building. The media publishes special articles regarding this day. TV and radio also broadcast shows concerning this day. Many people visit recreational places on Pakistan day.

Messages From Country Chiefs on Pakistan Day

The president of Pakistan Dr. Arif Alvi said regarding this day, “Let us express our firm resolve to continue the legacy and heritage bequeathed to us by our founding fathers and by following in their footsteps to make our country a cradle of peace, progress, and stability”

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in her message “I am proud to say that the Pakistani nation has the capability to face any ordeal. While celebrating Pakistan Day this year, we need unity, discipline, and passion to face the catastrophe that has engulfed the whole world,” At last he added “God willing, we will stand victorious in this test,”

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi expressed that Pakistan Day gives the country “an opportunity to reflect on our journey as a nation-state and contemplate the future”. 

He further added that “to be able to successfully defeat this common enemy, we need to marshal the same innate virtues. We need to acknowledge and appreciate the tremendous sacrifices and contributions that our health care personnel and others our soldiers at the forefront of this war are making to keep us all safe

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah also gave a statement for this day by saying that “This Pakistan Day, let’s show our national unity by staying apart. Stay home and stay safe. And your nation will thank you for it. Happy Pakistan Day to all Pakistanis. May Allah make this time easier for us all. Pakistan Zindabad!”

Pakistan Day Wishes, Facebook Status/SMS

Celebrate your Pakistan day with your close people by wishing them on this day. Here are some wishes and Facebook statuses below to choose from for your Pakistan day celebration.


Heartly Citizens,

Heartly Nationals,

Healthy Resolution Day

Greeting from your Well Wisher

Happy Resolution Day

Oh My Dearest Country

Wish You a Happy & Strong Future

23 March 1940 Pakistan Zindabad..!!!

Today we are miles apart

but I wanna reach across the miles

& say I am thinking of you

in a very special way.

Happy Pakistan Day

On Pakistan Day May Allah Bless Us

All With Integrity to Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand The True Meaning

Of Pakistan Resolution Passed On This Day


23rd March is PAKISTAN DAY

May ALLAH Bless Us

All With Integrity

To Be Proud Of Our Country

May We All Understand

The True Meaning Of



‘Such fertile Land and beautiful views

Where to escape and why to leave such a glorious land

I beg from Allah to make my country safe

And avoid us from all worries

Happy Pakistan Resolution Day’

May our country be bestowed with the

blessings of peace and harmony.

Wish you 23 March

There Are Some Unforgettable Days

In The History Of Any Nation.

23rd March 1940

Is Very Important Day


Quaid Gave A Platform

To The Movement Of Pakistan

And This Is A

Milestone Of Pakistan’s History


Others May Have Forgotten

But Never Can I

The Flag Of My Country Furls Very High

Happy Pakistan Day

No Nation Is Perfect

It Needs To Be Made!

Be Proud To Be A Pakistani!!

May ALLAH Bless Us All With Integrity

To Be Proud Of Our CountryMay

We All Understand The True Meaning Of


Passed On This Day. Ameen

I Have Something For You

Wish You 23rd March

During Quaid’s Speech in White House

What Pakistan Means

That is Independence Day

Jash-e-Azadi Mubarak Ho

Youm-e-Pakistan Mubarak Ho

We proud of Our Army brave Army to defend us from all worries

We Proud of our PAF to defend us from the attack of enemy jets

We proud of our Sailors to defend our Ocean

We proud of our Quaid, who suggest us such a beautiful land

Care for that land, which we got after scarifying so many people

Happy 23rd March Day’

I Love Pakistan

Pakistan Meri Jaan Ha

Pakistan Mujh Ko Dil O Jan Sa Piara Ha

Pakistan Zindabad

Happy Pakistan day

Let us Take Decision

To Value Our Nation

Shall Not forget Those sacrifices

Who Gave Us The Freedom

Now it is Our Turn

To Have A Reformation

Happy Pakistan Day!

Pakistan Day 2021: A Prideful Remembrance of Pakistan Resolution

How Do National Remembrance Days, Such as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, Compare to Pakistan Day in Terms of Significance and Importance?

National remembrance days hold different levels of significance and importance depending on the context. Pakistan Day marks the country’s independence and symbolizes its patriotism and history. On the other hand, the significance of Pregnancy Loss Remembrance Day lies in recognizing the emotional pain and offering support to those affected by such a tragic loss. While both occasions serve meaningful purposes, they distinctly differ in their commemorations and societal impacts.


Pakistan Day represents our country’s supreme power is held by us. This was able because of the first step the Lahore Resolution. Also adopting the constitution was the first step toward presenting our country to the world. It is certain to celebrate these achievements.

This is why Pakistan Day is celebrated. We convey how much we love our country. Our Army is our pride. Our civilians who work for the country, achieve for the country they deserve the honor. This day is for honoring them.

Our leaders and founder of the country deserve our attentiveness because of what they did for the country.  We celebrate Pakistan Day to honor them and pay homage to their work. This recognition is important for our new generation. They will know how to be a fighter for the country.

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