Rabindra Jayanti – Bishwa Kabi’s Birthday

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Rabindra Jayanti-Bishwa Kabi’s Birthday

Rabindranath Tagore was a musician, a dramatist,  a novelist, a painter, a philosopher, an academic, and a sociologist. His talent as a poet is universally recognized. He won the Nobel prize as the first Bengali in 1913. He was the first to accomplish this among the great and noble people of Asia. People call him Bishwa Kabi (World Poet) for his contribution to literature. The Renaissance man was also known by his sobriquets ‘Kabiguru’, ‘Gurudev’, and ‘Biswakabi’.

Rabindranath’s childhood

Rabindranath Tagore was born on 7th May 1861 (25th Boishakh of 1268 Bengal) to the Nobel Thakur family of Jorasanko in Kolkata. His father is Maharshi Debendranath Thakur, and his grandfather is Prince Durkanath Thakur. He is considered to be the greatest poet of the Bengali language.

Rabindranath’s formal education started at the oriental seminary in Kolkata. Later, for several years he studied at the Normal School established by Vidyasagar. He was finally admitted to St. Xavier’s school. But, he was inconsistent at school. As a result, he dropped himself out of school. Although regular schooling was stopped, he continued his writings.

Rabindranath’s first printed poem ‘Avilash’ was published in the ‘Tattabodhini’ newspaper in 1874. His second poem, ‘Prakritir Khed’ was published in 1875. Rabindranath was then engaged in his studies.  He continued writing ‘Banaful’ in Gyanangkur and Protibimbo and Kabi-Kahini inVarti newspaper.

Rabindranath’s Higher Education

Rabindranath went to England with Satyandranath Tagore in September 1878. There Rabindranath got schooling at a public school and later at a University College in London. He returned to the country after a year. He closely monitored the society and life of the country. He wrote about England in his ‘European-Probashir Potro’  published in the Varti newspaper.

Rabindra Jayanti-Bishwa Kabi’s Birthday

All About Rabindra Jayanti

Rabindra Jayanti is one of the important festivals of the Bengali nation. According to Bengali Calendar, the festival is observed every year to mark the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore on the 25th of Baishakh. Bangladesh and West Bengal of India celebrate the day with festivity. Bengalis living in other parts of the world also celebrate the festival.

Rabindra Jayanti is celebrated all over Bangladesh with large or small events. Special events are organized in educational institutions. The main event of the poet’s birthday is celebrated in Dhaka. The event is generally held at the National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts’s theatre. The day is celebrated with diverse cultural performances of dance and poetry. Later they arrange his art exhibition for three days.

Festival at Shilaidah Kuthibari

Rabindranath visited different places in Bangladesh, including Shahzadpur, Patissar, Kaligram, and Shilaidah. That is how Shilaidah became his Pilgrimage. He lived there for 12 years. So, Rabindranath has a special relationship with the Kuthi Bari of Shilaidah.

The current authority of Shilaidah Kuthibari organizes a three-day long event to celebrate the Rabindra Jayanti. A village fair is being organized alongside discussion and cultural events. People of all ages visit Kuthibari and the fair to pay tribute to the great poet. They also discuss his works and sing Rabindra Sangeet.

Other Rabindra Jayanti Events

There is a house in Naogan district Rabindran owned. Every year people come here to celebrate the day and remember Rabindranath. From far and wide, the devotees of the poet came to the Patisar KuthiBari. They also organize cultural programs and discussions.

Bangladesh Uddichi Artists Group celebrates the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore in song, dance, and recital. Cultural groups of Chittagong and Sylhet also organize fairs and cultural programs to celebrate the day.

Rabindra Jayanti outside Bangladesh

Besides Bangladesh, West Bengal and some other states celebrate the day with festivity. It is a holiday in West Bengal. Rabindranath spent a great portion of his life in Shanti Niketan. They arrange discussions, and cultural programs to remember the Gurudev. Other Bengali speakers living in North America and Europe also celebrate the day.

Rabindra Jayanti-Bishwa Kabi’s Birthday

Rabindranath’s contribution to Bengali literature

Rabindranath was a poet of eternal life, eternal human beings, and the eternal beauty of nature. Rabindranath is one of those people who contributed to the development of Bengali literature. His steady walk in almost all branches of literature has brought him international recognition.

Born in the family of the zamindar, he dared to hold the pen against the zamindars, which is rare in any literary history in the world. He has written 13 novels. Chokher Bali, Gora, Ghore Baire, Chaturanga, Shesher Kobita, and Char Oddhay are popular among them. His novels mentioned the rise of nationalism, philosophy, religion, etc.

Rabindranath created his own series of poetry. In his poems, he welcomed the modernity of the world; But, later returned to his style. Rabindranath’s most famous poetry book is Gitanjali, which helped him to win the Nobel Prize as the first Bengali. His poems had romanticism and the signature of life and reality.

He is a renowned musician. Thousands of songs he wrote are still invaluable in Bengali literature which is popular by the name Rabindra Sangeet. It is a rare event in the world that he is the writer of the national anthem of two countries – Bangladesh and India.

How Is Rabindra Jayanti Celebrated and What Is Its Significance?

Rabindra Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm in honor of the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore. It holds immense significance in Bengali culture and is marked by various cultural programs, dance performances, and recitations of Tagore’s literary works. The celebration of Gandhi Jayanti legacy is also observed during this time, emphasizing the values of peace and non-violence.

How Do Different Cultures Around the World Celebrate Birthdays and Independence Days?

Different cultures around the world celebrate birthdays and independence days in various ways. In Sri Lanka, Independence Day 2024 is a significant event marked by parades, flag-hoisting ceremonies, and cultural performances. Similarly, birthdays are celebrated with family gatherings, special meals, and unique customs that reflect each culture’s traditions and beliefs.


Rabindranath Tagore is an integral part of Bengali literature. Bengali literature can never be imagined except Rabindranath. By focusing on Rabindranath’s work, we can make our literature more prosperous. We can make our community secular by cultural movement and practicing pure literature. Rabindra Jayanti gives us that chance once a year. Let the society or the state be filled with the purity of literature.

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