Raksha Bandhan – The Celebration of Sibling’s Love

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Navaratri – A Nine-day awe-inspiring festival dedicated to Goddess Durga

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Bandhan is a famous festival among Indians. Even though this is a carnival of Hindusim, people celebrate this festival for multiple reasons. This occasion is basically for sisters so that they can express their love towards their brothers. Followers of Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism also celebrate this festival.

How is the Celebration of Vaisakhi Similar to Raksha Bandhan in terms of its significance and traditions?

The vaisakhi celebration of harvest and Raksha Bandhan both hold significant cultural importance in the Indian tradition. Both festivals involve the coming together of family and friends, the exchange of gifts, and the tying of threads to symbolize love and protection. Additionally, they both signify the bond of love and unity among siblings and loved ones.

History of Raksha Bandhan

Krishna and Drupadi

Mahabharat stated that once Krishna was severely hurt in the wrist and it was bleeding. When Drupadi, wife of Pandab, saw it, she tore some portion of her saree and bound it to Krishna’s wrist. Krishna became stunned by the incident and instantly declared Drupadi as his sister. He also promised her to give a reward. Many years later, Krishna then saved Drupadi from indecency when Kaurabs tried to use her as a reward for winning dice.

Baliraja and Lakshmi

In another story, incubus king Bali was an enthusiast of Vishnu. Vishnu left the Vaikuntha and came to save the kingdom of Bali. Vishnu’s wife, Lakshmi, came to Baliraj in the disguise of a common girl to get back to her husband. Lakshmi told Bali that her husband is missing for days, and she wants shelter until he returns.

Baliraja agreed to give her shelter. During the Shravan Purnima festival, Lakshmi tied a rakhi in the hand of the Baliraja. Lakshmi opened up about everything when Baliraja asked her the reason for tying the rakhi. The Baliraja was overwhelmed and asked Vishnu to return to the Vaikuntha. He renounced everything for Vishnu and Lakshmi. Since then, sisters are celebrating the full moon of Shravan as the Raksha Bandhan.

Santoshi Mata

Ganesha’s sister tied a rakhi to Ganesha’s hand, which made his two sons jealous. They request him for a sister. Ganesh then gave birth to a daughter from the fire of the divine to satisfy his sons. This goddess was the daughter of Ganesha, Santoshi Mata. She bound two Rakhis to the hands of Subha and Labha.

Rabindranath and the partition of Bengal

According to the latest theory in history, Rabindranath planted the initial seed of the Bengalis’ inspiration behind the first nationalist awakening by celebrating the Raksha Bandhan. He wanted to create a new and more intimate relationship between Hindus and Muslims by introducing the ‘Raksha Bandhan’ festival.

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He went down the road, put rakhis in the hands of the ordinary Muslim elders, and sang from the front of the march, “Bidhir Badhon Katbe Tumi Emon Shaktiman,” which means you are strong enough to break the law. He wrote, “Bengalis heart and soul and all the Bengalis should be united.”

Navaratri – A Nine-day awe-inspiring festival dedicated to Goddess Durga

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival; it symbolizes eternal love and affection between brothers and sisters. There is no specific place for the Raksha Bandhan celebration.  Followers of Hinduism all over the world celebrate this festival in their homes. Hindus are celebrating this festival for ages.

On this day, Hindu sisters tie rachis on their brother’s hand and wish their good luck and long life. Instead, the brothers take the responsibility for protecting their sisters. They give gifts to their sisters to make them happy.

Usually, the Raksha Bandhan celebration starts in the afternoon. The proper time to tie rakhi in the brother’s hand is afternoon. But if the full moon falls in the morning, you must tie rakhi in the morning. The Purana says that Raban’s sisters had tied the rakhi in The Bhadra month without obeying the full moon. So he was defeated in the war by Ramachandra.

This festival is celebrated on the full moon of Sravan. It means followers of Hinduism celebrate this day in August. According to the calendar, the Raksha Bandhan of 2022 will be celebrated on August 11, 2022.

Raksha Bandhan SMS and Wishes

These are top Raksha Bandhan SMS for you to wish your siblings on the Raksha Bandhan day. Send one of these SMS and celebrate the day with happiness.

  • My Dear Brother is one of the most precious gifts sent by God. Have a great Rakhi festival my loving bro.

  • Warm wishes on Rakhi Day! Rakhi Day is the day when special people like u are thought of fondly with love and cheer. Hope every hour of this special day is filled with moments, that will bring happiness to you.

  • You know that you are the most precious stone in the collection of my secret treasure. Happy ‘Raksha Bandhan’ to my gorgeous sis from your brother.

  • Happy Raksha Bandhan.

  • God sent in my life a beautiful Angel in your guise, Sister. In good times or bad ones, you’re ready to extend your help and support. Thanks for all you do.

  • Hey, my sweet little pie, your cute smile makes my day, your small little hands take me out of all dangers of life. You are a little angel of my life. I love you. Your’s elder sister/brother.

  • Yes, I love you. You are so cute, and smart. My mother also likes you very much. My father is ready to take up our relationship seriously. So please don’t say no to my proposal. Accept me as your dearest, loveliest younger sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhaiya.

Religious Importance of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is one of the major and important carnivals of Hinduism. On this very day, the sisters tie rakhis to their respective brother’s arms and wish good fortune to them. To strengthen the sacred relationship between brothers and sisters, everyone has been celebrating the festival since ancient times with the same spirit.

Though the rituals are diverse in different states, everyone feels the same consciousness. For example, people worship Jal Devta in Maharashtra at the event of Raksha Bandhan. It is said that if you bathe in the holy river and worship the Suryadev, all sins will be destroyed.

Social Importance of Raksha Bandhan

Rabindranath brought the people of two Bengals together by organizing Raksha Bandhan. The main motive of this event is to express our love for our brothers, and our society. By simply tying a rakhi, we try to convey our approaches toward one another. This festival does not need to be observed only by siblings. We all can celebrate this together and let our brothers know we are here for them.

Navaratri – A Nine-day awe-inspiring festival dedicated to Goddess Durga

Want to celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2022?

I am sure you liked this festival’s message and want to celebrate it next year. Well, you do not need to leave your home to celebrate this festival. You can celebrate this at your home and spread positivity. You do not even need a specific day to celebrate Raksha Bandhan because we should love every day and everyone.

But, if you want to observe this fiesta in style, then you need to visit India. Contact the Ministry of Tourism or Ministry of Culture. They will provide you with the exact information about where to go and when to go.


Raksha Bandhan should not be celebrated just as a religious festival. We can use this festival as a way of building new and strong relationships. This festival is not just for siblings. Some women in India send rakhis to the soldiers protecting the borders. So, we can build togetherness by celebrating this festival. Because, United we stand, divided we fall.

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