Republic Day 2024: The Maldives 57th Anniversary of Being A Republic Country

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Republic Day in Maldives

Every year the Maldives celebrates its Republic Day on the 11th of November. This day is a national day for the Maldives people. This year they are celebrating the 54th Republic Day of the Maldives. This day commemorates the Maldives tuning into a republic country from a monarchy. 

This day plays a big role in every Maldavians life as on this day the Maldives got rid of the monarchy and became a people’s country. So, people celebrate this day with joy and go through their duty as a citizen of the Maldives. This day is for cherishing and reminding their obligation toward their country.

History of The Maldives Republic Day

The Maldives has a rich history of being a monarchy. They were under royalism for about 853 years. Even when the British empire took over as a protectorate of the Maldives internally Maldives was ruled by the Sultan. 

The British were a protectorate of the Maldives from 1887 to 1965. On 26th July of 1965 in Colombo, there took place a signing ceremony where the British handed over their protectorate power to the Sultan Mohammad Fareed Didi.

Mohammad Fareed Didi continued being The Sultan of the Maldives in later years. He also declared himself king of The Maldives. In the year 1967, on 15th November the Maldives parliament took a vote from the members the parliament as the Maldives should stay under a constitutional monarchy or it should be a  republic country.

40 members out of 44 voted to be a republic on this vote. The Maldives held a national referendum on the question of whether the Maldives should be a republic or stay under Sultan Mohammad Fareed Didi’s constitutional monarchy on 15th March 1968. 

The result of this national referendum was a fever of being a republic country as 81.23% voted for this. As a result, the Maldives has declared a republic country on the 11th of November 1968. Ibrahim Nasir is the first president of the republic country the Maldives.

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Celebration of Republic Day in The Maldives

The Maldivians celebrate its Republic day with joy and festivity. Mostly the celebration is usually vibrant and colorful. This day has an official speech from the president of the Maldives. There held a sequence of ceremonies. Most of them are parades and marches.

This day is most famous for two kinds of parades. In one there is a marching band. Another one is with children dressed significantly. There also held the Arabian fair at the parade. The military parade takes place at the Male. There also happens the flag hoisting ceremony.

This day also includes stage performances, fireworks along with children’s events. This national day is also celebrated with a feast where local food like Huni Hakuru Folhi, Masroshi, and Bodibiday are served. Media also covers this day with its special show and publishing. 

Message from Country Chief on Republic Day of The The Maldives 

The President of the Maldives Ibrahim Mohamed Solih delivered an official speech on the occasion of Republic Day. He said in his official speech that “with the blessings of Almighty Allah, the Government plans to expand the services provided by polytechnics, establish junior colleges as well as modern, state of the art TVET institutes across several regions of the Maldives next year.”

He further added “the free-degree program – introduced during the first year of our administration, is one of the biggest achievements I am most proud of in the educational sector. This program has granted 8,200 students access to a free, first-degree-level education. Moreover, the reforms brought to the issuing of the student loan scheme, designed by the current Government, have allowed 1,082 students to study abroad in 23 countries.”

“It is important to note the progress Maldives has made in the field of diplomacy and international relations during the past two years. Efforts to renew severed diplomatic ties have been successful, resulting in more support from the international community as well as foreign aid.”

He also said “If we look at the society two years ago, the people of Maldives existed in a state of anxiety when crime rates, gang violence, and political disputes were at a high rate. Social stability was lost. What the people requested from us was a return to calm and the establishment of a safe and stable environment.  The most notable development in terms of human rights in the past two years, in my view, has been securing a stable and peaceful environment for our people.”

Further, he added with joy that “Today, on this happy occasion there are two things I assure citizens I will prioritize during my presidency: protecting the country’s religious unity and protecting the country’s independence and sovereignty.

In the end, he said that “In closing, I wish to again convey my sincere felicitations on the occasion of the country’s Republic Day. I pray to Almighty Allah to always grant us that which benefits us and to increase in our hearts our love for our country; I pray also that Almighty Allah will bless our efforts to bring prosperity to our country, and grants us success.”

The Maldives Republic Day Facebook Status/SMS and Wishes

Below are some joyous Republic Day wishes to make your republic day happy and delightful.

May Republic Day infuses each and every heart with great spirits and love for the country. Best wishes to the country and you on this special occasion.

On the glorious occasion of Republic Day, let us all promise ourselves to always be responsible and promising citizens of our nation.

Be proud of your country, its history, and heritage. Happy Republic Day 2024!

Republic day is the time to remember all the real heroes of the country who never thought about themselves but for the country and its betterment. Happy republic day.

Let’s take the moment of pride in the real heroes of our country and salute them on this special occasion of Republic Day. Remember the sacrifices our leaders made to get independence for our country.

I wish for a nation where women get equally treated and the nation with zero crime rates. I wish for peace and harmony. Wishing a very Happy Republic Day to everyone celebrating.

Freedom never came easy; our heroes waged a valiant struggle so that future generations could live their lives with dignity. A thousand salutes to this great nation of ours.

May all live in peace and harmony and prosper together. Happy Republic day 2024.

Rejoice in the glory of the nation and do not forget to thank the soldiers. May the nation become even more prosperous and great. Happy Republic Day! May God bless our nation.

Today we are a free country because we are a land of brave souls who never surrendered to the wrong and always fought for the right. May we all come together to make our nation a brighter and happier country.

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Republic Day is a reminder for every citizen of Maldives that their country belongs to them. They took every decision on the progress of their country. Celebrating this day taught us to be responsible for our own country.

We Maldivians are proud of our country. Which is right now the risk to the environment. We have to be careful and take care of the environment so it can be beautiful as always it has been. Let’s take care of our environment so we can always live in harmony and peace in our country.

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