The Holy Ascension Day of Jesus Christ

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The holy Ascension day of Jesus Christ

Each year the Ascension day is celebrated all over the world after the 39th day of Easter Sunday. 

Ascension Day is an annual festival of Christian followers and it’s widely celebrated all over the world. Usually, this holy feast is observed on the following Thursday on the 40th day of Easter Sunday. In the year 2022, Ascension Day will be observed on April 17 in the Western Churches. 

Is Ascension Day Related to the Easter Story of Jesus’ Sacrifice?

Yes, Ascension Day is closely related to Jesus’ sacrifice on Easter Day. It commemorates the belief that 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven. This event is significant in the Christian faith as it signifies Jesus’ return to the right hand of God after completing his earthly mission.

How Does the Holy Ascension Day of Jesus Christ Differ from Christmas Day?

The Holy Ascension Day of Jesus Christ marks his return to heaven after the resurrection, while Christmas Day celebrates his birth. The extraordinary Christmas Day festival is a time for joyous celebration of the birth of Jesus, while the Ascension Day is a time of reflection and remembrance of Jesus’ return to heaven.

The actual meaning of Ascension day   

According to the belief of Christian holy texts of the Gospel of John, Ascension day is only celebrated to remind of the bodily Ascension of Jesus into heaven. It’s one of the most ancient religious feasts of the Christian religion. People show huge respect for the heavenly decision of the Ascension of Jesus. Ascension day is also known as Holy Thursday.

Christian Churches Celebrate this feast as the tributary honor to the bodily Ascension of Jesus for the betterment of his followers. The celebration date is not a fixed one and depends on when Easter occurs. It’s believed that Jesus spent 40 days with his disciples after he woke up from death.

The holy Ascension day of Jesus Christ

History and backgrounds of the Ascension day 

Historically from a very ancient period, this feast has been celebrated with great aspiration. According to The description of the Holy  Bible, Jesus gave his words to the disciples that they might soon obtain the Holy Spirit, and also asked them to stay and wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit had come. 

After he blessed his followers Jesus then returned to heaven and took his position. We can describe the Ascension after closing his all duties and fulfilling his good works, Jesus makes himself determined that now it is time to return to heaven. 

From the early period of the 4th century, many people have started to celebrate this day. But during the last moment of the 4th century, this feast has got the actual shape, and followers have begun to celebrate this occasion as the name of holy Ascension day. 

The holy texts of the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of Matthew have acknowledged this historical fact of Jesus’ Ascension to heaven. Moreover in the Eastern Churches, this feast has been celebrated for at least 2000 years. 

What do people do?

According to the Catholic customary practice, this carnival begins with a mesmerizing 3 days long program. People ask the Holy Spirit and beg mercy for their bad works. Includes the traditional practice of carrying candles or torches and posters as a symbolic rally of Jesus’s journey.  

In general Christian offers fasting and charities on this occasion. Offerings of prayers in the Catholic Churches can be seen. It’s a government holiday in many countries and many people spend time with their friends and family after their religious work.  

Ascension day is also the end of the Easter season. Reading holy texts and messages of Jesus and the sacrifice made by him is also discussed in the Churches. In many regions, this feast has now become a part of cultural occasions also.

Celebration in many parts of the world

Countries like Switzerland, Germany, England, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Vanuatu observed a government weekend day. All the schools, colleges, and offices get weekends off. During that period of time Churches get busy with more Crowds.


In some parts of the Bali region of this country, Christian people arrange this feast each year. As a traditional practice, people visit the graves and pay tributes to the souls of death. Many unique cultural customs and rituals can be seen here.


Here this occasion is celebrated with great aspiration and anticipation. Big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra get decorated with colorful decorations. Houses and streets get decorated with colorful lighting. 


This country has the most number of Catholic Christian in the middle east region. All the Catholic Churches get busier during that time. Many customary practices also take place. It’s a government holy day here in Lebanon. 


Traditionally the Portuguese people believe Ascension Day is associated with prosperity and peace. Here the Ascension day is celebrated with special services at Churches. Many non-Christians also take part in this occasion.

The holy Ascension day of Jesus Christ

Special messages from the Ascension Day 

It’s a fundamental and traditional Christian practice. This occasion reminds us of the holy spirit of Jesus. And his message and his sacrifices for humanity. Here are some top learnings of Ascension Day. 

  • Jesus’ arrival on this Earth was a heavenly duty for the betterment of humanity. And we must take the advice of Jesus and must follow the true path of heaven.
  • Sacrifice is the thing that brings more good things to us. Always do good work as a follower of Jesus.
  • The holy spirit will remain supreme. Everything is fixed by God himself. 
  • Jesus sacrificed his life for taking his followers to heaven. He made us free from sins and undoings. 

So, we must follow the path of truth and honesty. Create a world of happy faces and establish a good relationship of brotherhood with other people.

Next time we will be coming back with other top writings of religious festivals. Hope your rough ideas about Ascension Day have cleared now through this article. Don’t forget to make your all-important comment regarding this writing.  

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