Victory Day 2024: The Maldives Celebration of Patriotism

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Victory Day Of Maldives

The Maldives yearly celebrates its Victory Day on the 3rd of November. This day is to commemorate the failed coup that took place in 1988, to overthrow the then-president of the Maldives Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

This day is noticeable as an anti-terror and nationalistic holiday in the Maldives. People celebrate this day with great merriment memorizing the defeat of the coup and honoring all the people who gave their lives in the coup. 

History of Victory Day

The coup took place in 1988 against Maumoon Abdul Gayoom. It was the third attempt to force him out. The previous attempts took place in 1980 and 1983. In the year 1978 Maumoon Abdul Gayoom became the president of the Maldives. He took over this place after the previous president Ibrahim Nasir’s fleeing to Singapur.

After this, the Nasir supporters along with international help tried several times to deposition. In 1988, they took a serious attempt with the help of businessmen Abdullah Luthufi. He hires Srilankan Tamil condottieres as his military help. There were 80 Tamil soldiers. They took over the airport, important buildings, TV and radio station of the capital Male.

However, president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom managed to avoid this capture and seek help from India. India responded to this immediately by sending 1600 paratroopers. They were able to restore the order within three hours. They acted in the operation called “Operation Cactus” on 3rd November of 1988.

This operation was 100 percent successful. They also captured fleeing Tamil soldiers from the Indian ocean. In this incident, 19 people died. Eight were the rebellions, 2 were hostages and 11 were civilian people.

This coup made India and the Maldives good friends. People get the importance of patriotism and citizens’ grief over the innocent people who died in this event. Till then this day is observed as the victory day of the Maldives.

Celebration of Victory Day

Victory day comes with happiness to the Maldives people. They celebrate this day by showing their patriotism toward the country. They honor all the innocent dead people who give their life to the country’s government.

Government celebrates this day with a flag hoisting ceremony at the Victory monument in Male. There also held parades participated by civilians and militants. These parades took place in Male and Hulhumale.

Educational institutes and most businesses remain close to this day. Print media publish special features regarding this day. TV channels and radio stations also on-air shows focusing on this day. The president issues a message on this day for the people of the Maldives.

Victory Day 2021: The Maldives Celebration of Patriotism and Appreciation Towards Anti-terrorism

President’s Message On Victory Day

President Mohamed Solih gives a message to the people of the Maldives through the Maldives National Defence Force’s published magazine ‘Adana’ on the occasion of the country’s Victory Day.

He said that “ Victory Day reminds the Maldivians of the importance of loving our country.” He stated the failed coup of 1988 as one of the most brutal and deadly assaults on the country’s independence. 

President Solih expressed that we must learn from our past and gather inspiration as we commemorate Victory Day. He added that the heroic actions of the martyrs defending our country and religion symbolize their patriotism. 

He affirmed that the Maldivian armed forces continue to display that same bravery and love towards their country and that our citizens will always remain grateful for their selflessness and valor on November 3rd. He further added that the unity and compassion demonstrated by the Maldivian population on that day remain intact even today.

In concluding his remarks, the President acknowledged the perseverance of the Maldivian people and thanked all involved in foiling the attack on our beloved nation. He added a note of appreciation to India, for their swift intervention upon the Maldivian Government’s request.

Source: The President’s Office Republic of  Maldives 


Victory Day Facebook Status/SMS and Wishes

  • Let us take a moment to thank each of the souls that have allowed us to live on our terms. Happy Victory Day the Maldives.

  • Let us take an oath that we will not misuse the freedom given to us by the country. We will make each of the freedom fighters proud with the way we use our independence. Happy Victory Day of the Maldives.

  • Independence of ours shall not cut the freedom of others. Co-existing and co-ordinating is the mantra of living. Happy Victory Day of The Maldives.

  • The cruelty can only be defeated with grit and determination. Every warrior from our country was determined to drive out the guests and live on their terms. Happy Victory Day the Maldives.

  • The nation has had enough of enemies, let us not add to it by fighting amongst each other. Happy Victory Day of the Maldives.

  • The Maldives is rich in culture and heritage. Rulers wanted to play with it and hence were thrown out of the country. Happy Victory Day of the Maldives.

  • Any intruder who has the slightest intention of disrupting the country should read the history book once again and know about Victory Day of the Maldives. We are a force to beware of! Happy Victory Day 2024.

  • The Maldives is home to the most culturally rich people in the world. Their independence helped them spread their culture and art to other parts of the world as well. Happy Victory Day 2024.

  • You cannot cage a wild bird and so you cannot cage the Maldives. It is a country flying high with dreams and thriving to betterment every moment. Happy Victory Day of the Maldives.

  • We struggled our way to freedom and we are never going to easily let it away! Happy victory day of the Maldives.

How Does the Maldives Celebrate Victory Day Compared to Navy Birthday?

The Maldives celebrates Victory Day with street parades, cultural performances, and flag hoisting ceremonies. In contrast, celebrating navy’s birthday sea power, the nation honors its naval forces with special events, military demonstrations, and exhibitions showcasing the achievements of the Maldivian Navy.


The Maldives Victory Day is all about loving and sacrificing for our country. We should not tolerate any hypocrisy when it is about our country. When trouble came into our country’s path we always fought back and we will always do. We are very thankful to India as they truly turned out to be our great friends. 

Thank you for the help and for being a good friend for a long time. Apart from the help of a foreign country, we should always be ready for our country to serve to fight and love it. We never tolerated any intruder and we will not ever be tolerating any. We will always be patriotic toward our country and have zero place for terrorism in it.

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