Shadow and Bone Season 2 is back with its trademark thrilling adventure and plot twists. The fate of The Darkling is uncertain in this magical world, leaving fans eager for more.

In the finale of Shadow and Bone Season 2, our heroes bid farewell to General Kirigan, aka The Darkling, with a solemn funeral pyre. However, a seemingly insignificant moment involving a bee landing on Zoya (Sujaya Dasgupta) may hold a significant Easter egg hinting at The Darkling's fate in the future.

In the Grishaverse, the bee is a symbolic representation of Sankta Elizaveta, a patron saint of gardeners and a Grisha who was trapped in the Shadow Fold with two other saints. The presence of the bee serves as an Easter egg to her character. In King of Scars, Elizaveta steals The Darkling's remains with the intention of resurrecting him.

After slaying Morozova's fabled stag, The Darkling captured Alina and secured a powerful bond by placing an antler collar around her neck and embedding another piece in his own hand. Deceiving Alina into thinking he needed her help to eradicate the darkness in the Fold, he instead plotted to exploit it as a weapon to seize control of Ravka.

The return of The Darkling is a complicated question. Technically, his spirit is brought back to life through a ritual that tricks Nikolai and Zoya. However, when Zoya realizes what is happening, she destroys The Darkling's remains, and his spirit is forced to inhabit a different body named Yuri Vendenen. Therefore, although The Darkling does make a return, it's in a form that isn't recognizable to most people.