Durant's Homecoming Spoiled as Phoenix Suns Emerge Victorious

KD's Phoenix home debut set tone for Suns' victory over Timberwolves. Durant sprained his left ankle during warmups on March 8, but cleared the first hurdle of making it through pregame warmups on Wednesday. Afterward, he joyfully announced to the Suns' waiting staff, "We got through that s---!"

Durant struggled to sleep and couldn't stop thinking about the game. He admits to wanting it too badly and feeling rushed. Nevertheless, he's happy to be back in the zone of playing and building with his teammates.

Durant struggled early on but his coach and teammates were supportive as he made his return. "It's a special night for the organization and the fans showed the love that was deserved," said Suns' Devin Booker, happy that they were able to win.

Booker and Paul noted how Durant's presence on the court created opportunities for the team. With Durant's ankle feeling great, they are confident he will regain his rhythm soon. This is crucial for the Suns, who have just six regular-season games remaining and are currently fourth in the Western Conference.

Durant's Return Boosts Suns' Confidence for Strong Season Ahead, Despite Off-Nights.