Lakers' Starting Lineup with Reaves Pays Off in Win Against Suns

As the NBA season heats up, it's make or break time for the Lakers, and every game feels like a must-win. The team's fortunes hang in the balance.

Lakers face familiar nemesis, Phoenix Suns, with high stakes and everything on the line. Every possession counts in their ultimate test of resilience and redemption.

Reaves shines in Lakers' starting lineup debut with 25 points, 4 rebounds, and 11 assists, cementing his place in Lakers history.

Austin Reaves makes Lakers history as first undrafted player to average 30 points in 2 games. From benchwarmer to efficient scorer, Reaves' rise is undeniable and impressive, earning praise from LeBron James for his energy and intangibles.

Lakers tie with Dallas for ninth place after win, as Dallas loses to Golden State.

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